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Joker : The Greatest Movie Villain of All Time


Batman has been through many incarnations, as both comic books and motion pictures have portrayed his character. Throughout these many faces, the Batman from DC comics never has failed to thrill fans. Yet in movie history, one villain and one actor stands out from all of these greater Batman works. This must be the Joker, as played by actor Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.


It is the vision of Christopher Nolan, but the Joker stands apart from the director and the film world. Ledger portrays the one of the most famous villains, Joker, in a primeval, yet chaos driven air of wonder, madness, and subtle genius. The Joker becomes a tool of the universe, one that has been shaped by childhood trauma, dysfunctional family values, and a taste for violence.


Ledger famously calls himself and the Joker, “An agent of chaos.”


No words more truly describe, what must be the greatest movie villain of all time. The award goes to Health Ledger, as the Joker in the 2008 film The Dark Knight.