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Mathew Fleeger Has Not Yet Rested on Reviewing His Laurels


President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger has taken his family company and brought it to new levels of growth and innovation. He first spent years working various jobs related to the oil and gas industry, he worked these positions to build his knowledge and experience before he took on the family business. His success has spoken for itself. 

His position as CEO of Gulf Coast Western was not handed to him without proving he could handle the role. He started and led a medical waste disposal business into a phenomenal success. MedSolutions was sold to Stericycle for a staggering $59 million dollars. After once again proving his worth and knowledge he then took over as president of his father’s company. He has found success, but only through hard work, daily lists, and a tenacity for perfection each and every day. 

Gulf Coast Western is located in Dallas, Texas. Its reach is through the whole Gulf Coast From Texas to Alabama and since Mr. Fleeger’s leadership, it has been a leader in innovative exploration and acquisition of oil and gas reserves in these areas.


He works full time finding new ways to improve the industry in general and to embrace new technologies that will make the oil and gas acquisition and use have less of an impact on the environment and continue to be one of the main uses for energy and economical asset for our country. Gulf Coast Western will grow with the changing times and the demand for cleaner energy sources by embracing flexibility, and not being afraid of change in the form of re-thinking the gas and oil industry and actively researching the new techniques to make it all possible.