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Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger Leads Gulf Coast Western to Fast-Track Growth

In 1970, Matthew Fleeger’s father founded and operated a modest oil and gas exploration and development venture based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It focused almost exclusively on operations within the Gulf Coast region. Appropriately named Gulf Coast Western, LLC, the company would start an impressive and ongoing growth spurt when leadership passed to Fleeger upon his father’s retirement.

Gulf Coast WesternAs the company’s current CEO, president and director, Fleeger has led it to fast-track growth through strategic partnerships and lease acquisitions. Today, Gulf Coast Western’s footprint encompasses partnerships and drilling operations throughout Texas and in Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado, Oklahoma, Alabama and Kansas.

Strategic Growth

Entrepreneurship has been in Fleeger’s DNA since he left Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business with an undergrad degree in business administration. He started his career at his father’s company and stayed long enough to get a hands-on education in the gas and oil industry.

Then he left for radically different ventures. He acquired a small traditional indoor tanning chain and a spray-tanning operation. Fleeger grew both to be among the largest in their sectors. After selling his ownership stakes in the operations, he founded MedSolutions, a medical waste transport, disposal, and treatment company. Once he had sold that operation to a large competitor, he returned to Gulf Coast Western.

As the heart of the company’s fast growth is the ability of Fleeger and his team to form mutually beneficial partnerships in gas and oil ventures wherever he sees opportunity.

Charitable Outreach 

Matt FleegerNot all of Fleeger’s time is spent in the boardroom. Both privately and through his corporation, he has made significant charitable donations, especially to those that meet the needs of children.

For instance, his Fleeger Family Educational Kitchen provides STEM-based experiential educational opportunities for children in an age range between pre-kindergarten and second grade.

Fleeger was also a leading corporate donor to the Sadie Keller Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports kids and their families while they undergo treatment for pediatric cancers.

Jack Plotkin

Change Your Healthcare Cost Paradigm with Jack Plotkin and Telehealth

What are the two biggest roadblocks in access to the most advanced healthcare possible? If you guessed, that is definitely one factor. The expense of treatment has stymied delivery of the best healthcare more than one too many patients, particularly those covered by insurance programs that would rather see their operations increase profit margins versus lose them to more expensive healthcare options. The second, however, is fear of exotic technology. While the actual tools a patient might realize personally are very inexpensive now, most providers still fear the network infrastructure needed to capture and analyze the related patient data can’t be justified by a reasonable revenue stream. In reality, this second factor, as well as the first, is starting to disappear.

Jack Plotkin has been analyzing and tracking the trends of telehealth integrated with large user population networks for years, and what is occurring now involves a convergence of low-cost tools, materials, and technology with easy-to-implement cloud infrastructures that create a little financial burden to operation. The results are systems that provide objective medical data that in turn provides far more accurate perspectives for diagnoses and improved medical treatment by consequence. And when much of the same can be implemented in the prevention side, targeting procedures that help avoid the response large costly treatments even under traditional avenues, even the most risk-averse insurance critics have to start paying attention.

Jack PlotkinTelehealth today is undergoing a significant, game-changing revolution. And the same change will have ripple effects on the financial processes that support and pay for the costs of healthcare as well. Trying to squeeze savings out of traditional medical treatment processes may be a bit like squeezing turnips now, but when one takes a telehealth approach to cost control, entire paradigms are being turned upside down due to the new potentials available.

Make An Appointment With Dr. Jennifer Walden For A Makeover

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been getting great reviews from her clients. The cosmetic surgeon enjoys enhancing the beauty of women that depend on her treatments. Walden has been known to improve the empowerment of women. Because of her dedication, she has a team of employees that puts patient safety first at all times. Most reviews discuss how well a client has been treated in her facility. She credits her comprehensive studying as a means of helping her treat her clients. Dr. Jennifer Walden has help women and men reduce wrinkles and marks on their skin. In other cases, there are reviews that talk about how a client feels younger after each treatment. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are available for any client to read on her website. She is known to include hydration therapy in her procedures.

Some of Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews discuss how she has helped a family regain their confidence through her phenomenal facials. As a way to educate herself, she worked at Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat. From that point, Dr. Jennifer Walden knew that there were clients that she could help. She decided to open her own business to continue to empower and maintain comprehensive makeovers from start to finish.

Dr. Jennifer Walden loves to get feedback from her clients. She uses her website to find out more about their needs. Their reviews help her to better her invasive procedures. Most clients walk away feeling great about their decisions to work on their self-esteem. Dr. Jennifer Walden has reviews from clients that are all ages. As she continues to help her community, she receives thank you cards regarding her great work. Dr. Jennifer Walden continues to read reviews and hopes that she can reach more clients. Dr. Walden hopes to have more clients review on her website.

The Business Strategy of Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov has been praised by many of the top business minds in the world. The reason he receives this praise is that he has accomplished a lot at a very young age. He gained international fame by being the creator of the JetSmarter app. This app allows a person to charter a flight on a private plane on their smartphone. The speed with which they are able to book the flight is truly remarkable. The app exploded in popularity. This did not escape the notice of many major business leaders and entrepreneurs. They realized that Sergey is a person to be watched in the coming years.

Sergey Petrossov has a very interesting strategy that he uses for the various business ventures that he is involved in. He will do an informal survey of people who are complete strangers to him. He will describe the idea for the new app or business that he is thinking about investing in. He will then take a close look at all of the feedback that these people provide him with. This can be very valuable when he is trying to figure out if the general public will be interested in the service that the new business provides.

Sergey Petrossov will also look at everything from a standpoint of potential profit that the business venture might be able to generate. He will then think about how much the business will cost to start. What will the overhead be? What will the promotional costs be? How long will it take until the new product, app or company can be launched? He needs to consider all of the potential costs in order to put a budget together. This will allow him to decide if he wants to move forward with the idea.

Sergey is always looking to the future. He believes that his ability to anticipate the wants and needs of people has been the main reason for his huge success. He likes to try to figure out where society is headed. He can then use this to decide which business venture he is going to pour his money into.

Max Salk Lives a Life of Balance and Joy

Even though people are being pulled in numerous directions, it is important to stay connected to the things that matter. Keeping a sense of balance in the modern world can be difficult; however, it is beneficial for having a better quality of life. Max Salk is a businessman and artist who definitely understands and lives by this concept.


Max Salk lives in New York City, so he knows how fast-paced life can become. Salk believes in keeping life as simple as possible. He uses an iPod and does not believe in running out to purchase every new technological invention created. He also does not get so caught up in his career path that he does not make time for the things that spark joy within him. He enjoys sports, travel, and landscape photography. He feels the world is almost set up to throw you off balance, so you have to be aware of this and do things to stay grounded. There are certain principles that Max Salk lives by to help him to live a balanced life.


Preparation is a major key in Max Salk’s life. Being prepared will determine how far someone can actually go in life and what they can accomplish. It is important to be prepared before the opportunity comes. For instance, Max Salk decided to take a camera one day while taking a leisurely stroll. Now, the picture he took is on his website, and people admire it from all around the world. This is something that launched his interest in photography.


Being able to adjust and be flexible is another principle Max Salk lives by. Being able to adjust to situations and think outside the norm is a great way to elevate. Sometimes things do not unfold as planned, but being able to make creative adjustments are an asset.


Taking full advantage of a moment is something that Max Salk believes in. Salk is a numbers guy because he is constantly analyzing numbers and figures for his job. It is a great way to stay ahead of trends and be able to give appropriate feedback.


These principles will not only help in the business world but will allow people to have a better life overall.

The War Against Classified Advertisements In Newspaper

Choosing Classified Advertisements In Newspaper Is Simple
Newspapers are normally kind two sorts of ads. Hence, you may want to choose newspapers that have excellent local in addition to national reach. Newspaper being the absolute most economical medium of mass communication is accessible to each Indian household and offices and corporates houses. Secondly, a specific newspaper isn’t a worldwide media. You can make your own newspaper. Newspaper obituaries generally have various pre-designed templates that would enable you to boost your obituary ads in newspaper. They are of different types and therefore you need to focus on what you want to convey the message.  leolist

The Hidden Gem of Classified Advertisements In Newspaper
Such ads generally have lots of information and thus it is sensible to publish them under classified format. Hence, they improve the search engine rankings of your website also. My classified ad is a great platform to encourage a goods and get exposure to users. The classified ads will be looked at by online users and they’re able to land up to your site by clinking the URL of your enterprise website. Classified text ads are perfect for all sorts of advertising especially matrimonial ads. Classified ads are thought to be an effective and affordable methods to promote the brand and promote their business enterprise. Classified newspaper ads are some of the the marketing tools utilized by businesses to catch the interest of consumers.

A recruitment advertisement was created with just one goal that’s hiring fresh along with experienced employees according to situation vacant for the job which is to be accomplished. While obituary advertisements are simple personal messages they still have to get written correctly to find the best outcomes. An individual can use completely free classified advertisements to secure more visitors. Repeated advertisements make branded merchandise and services very common. The exact same advertisement if released several times may not receive the responses it is anticipated to.

Advertising creates goodwill and assists in building a brand’s image in the industry. It, if done repetitively, helps in generating higher demand in the market for advertised products and services. Classified advertising is a type of advertising which is very common in newspapers, online and other periodicals which might be sold or distributed at no charge. In a free-market economy effective advertising is vital to a provider’s survival, for unless consumers know about an organization’s product they’re not likely to purchase it.

Advertising developed in a multitude of media. It is crucial for the launch (introduction) of a brand new product, service or idea in the market. The newspaper job advertising is just one of the very best recruitment sources for the mass recruitment around the nation or region. It is highly advantageous.

Whoever owns a newspaper is known as the publisher. The owner of the specific web page once put a categorized ad in the local newspaper to advertise his outdated vacuum. Business proprietors who’ve been using classified ads have been making a big profit every month.

You are able to place the articles of all of the students in the classroom with each other to create your own classroom newspaper! It is helpful for finding news articles about local businesses. Other reasons for such publication may be miscommunication between newspapers, family, and the funeral house, often leading to embarrassment for everybody involved.

Employing ReferenceUSA or among the many directories available at the library, make a list of organizations you may be interested in. Due to their self-regulatory nature and very low cost structures, some businesses offer you completely free classifieds internationally. Other businesses focus mainly on their neighborhood hometown region, while some blanket urban areas by utilizing postal codes. The business is extremely professional and adheres to the demand of the customer. The company through the years has stood up as an important support for those companies or the persons which deal with the media. If you’re planning to advertise your company or if you prefer to display some advertisement classified advertisement in newspaper is the ideal medium.

Always double check the spellings and dates to make sure that you’re writing the right info on the advertisement. Hence, such advertising websites supply a huge platform to expand your organization in a brief span of time. When you post totally free ads online, you can reach a massive worldwide market for your goods and solutions. Completely free ads online are a fantastic way to boost visitors to your website. You can also select Special offers if you prefer to advertise for many days and after that click proceed to compose your Recruitment Ad. In a difficult job market, it’s a tempting offer.

Exactly how to Outsource the very best News Release Distribution Service for Your Brand?

It’s not easy to do all your PR distribution services by yourself. After crafting your press release, you have to make sure that you send it to the ideal media to obtain as many eyes in the direction of your project.

This can be challenging for start-ups, big or small. At times, also writing a press release can be two times as hard when you’re brand-new.

Typically, online news release are seen 275 times in a week. The media are accounted for the 70 views. Brand names should comprehend that more sights can bring about making media insurance coverage and even more conversion.

This is why if your brand name is still unclear how to utilize circulation, you may as well look for the aid of circulation networks.

What is the news release distribution?

Press release distribution is the manner of sending out a news release to various places and websites. The main objective for this is to make it easily accessible for the media to cover a story.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is an organization method where a firm works with a new firm that can assist them in performing their business-related tasks.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing your distribution plan is a wise choice for online marketers. When you hire one more firm or someone for the job, you’ll surely experience these advantages:


  • Less stress and anxiety for you.

The work of dispersing your releases is passed on to the company you planned to work with. This is an excellent aid for you because you do not have to do all the process from the start throughout.

Some paid service offer launch writing. If you’re brand-new in this type of project, you’ll have fewer migraines in assuming just how you can compose a compelling statement that gets the eyes of the media.


  • More opportunity for your news to be grabbed.

When someone or business get the job done of composing and dispersing your releases, the odds of getting attention are greater for you. When you work with a company, they undoubtedly have a collection of qualified specialist writers who understand exactly how to create a launch that catches the focus of the media.

If you work with a circulation site to disperse your launches, you do not need to bother with everything. They distribute your tale in a variety of electrical media outlets and also websites.

They have a media listing that is targeted to your sector. It is much more possibilities for you to obtain media insurance coverage.


  • You can focus on various other areas.

When you work with a firm to disperse your releases, this is a significant assistance for you to focus on other parts of your service. When you concentrate on other areas, you can supply a desirable result that assists your service.

When you concentrated on way too many things, you tend to become less effective. Several points can disturb your concentration, which misbehaves for your business. It’s always a smart choice to contract out assistance when needed, as well as it permits your spending plan.

Employing a Paid Solution

One way you can disperse your releases is through hiring a paid distribution solution. However, you should beware when picking one. To guarantee that you’ll get better results as well as appreciate what you’re paying for, maintain these things in mind:

  • Examine reviews.

Before collaborating with a paid service, check if they have testimonials to show you. Without a doubt, if they give top quality service, they have several satisfied customers that provide good feedback about their service.

Certainly, you need to ensure that they have statements from customers about their site traffic, results, tracking tools, functions and also just how their circulation solution is.

  • Inspect their prices and bundles.

Your goal as a brand name is to guarantee that you have reduced investment and also optimum ROI. You must expect that you’re getting what you pay for.

If you’re willing to pay a substantial quantity to boost the possibility of obtaining publicity, make sure that the firm can genuinely do it. It’s always a good idea to compare rates as well as bundles before making a contract with any company.

  • Will your launches land in the ideal places?

You need to guarantee that your news is going somewhere, where it needs to be. Does the business give you the means to determine the result of the project?

Will they reveal you records where your releases are released? Check if the firm has a connection with news as well as electrical media outlets as well as reporters.

  • Consider their various other offerings.

Usually, paid services supply various other offerings that can be taken into consideration an included benefit. Ask the firms what other solutions they cover to maximize your news release distribution efforts. Other business wouldn’t inform you this to make sure that you inquire.

The Method to Create a Press Release That Gets Attention

If you are a brand name that’s been operating for several years, crafting a news releases could not be an all new point for you. You may have created tens of thousands of media releases to declare your site releasing, shop opening, teamwork, new item or brand-new hiring.

With many factors to write a media release, it is a need that each brand name requires to recognize how to compose a wonderful one. Unless you are utilizing a supply agency providing writing and also distribution of news releases, recognizing that the style and also phrase structure are crucial for each Public Relations specialist.

Simply what is a news releases?

A media release is produced by a Public Relations specialist and provided to journalism, like reporters, blog owners, press reporters, as well as stories. It’s a well-written declaration regarding organisation developments with the goal of public consciousness.

Straight talking, PR distribution service will be your ticket to advertising and marketing. When done correctly, it might land you a TV or radioprotection as well as may be syndicated from the best as well as neighborhood publications.

What are the needs of an amazing news release?

The media pick not all news releases. Besides the excellent throwing approaches, there’s an excellent decorum in creating an amazing press release.

Have a look at the features of an Amazing press release under:

  1. Establish a newsworthy story.

What’s the reason that you’re writing a press release? Is it something that will make the journalist stop and believe, “this is a great story to create,” or regret why they read your pitch and also say “it’s all the same old tale?”

You do not wish to misuse your time producing a media release and also finish in their junk folder. Make sure you are composing a different kind of narrative that can make the reporters mention they will require to connect with you for added details.

If something significant takes place in your firm, compose it. But not all reports justify a discharge. In specific fields such as lawful, a media release is required, even if declaring suits with extreme public law repercussions of stating a judgment that is significant.

2. Make sure that you’re targeting the ideal media after sending a news releases.

It seems silly, but some nevertheless send news releases to the erroneous reporters.

3. Abide by the optimal syntax.

Just like the way the press reporter composes a guide or internet site, a media release ought to follow the right format and also syntax. You can not simply write it just how you need it, without thinking about the requirements. Observe the:

Simply below it, make up a memorable headline that’s composed in vibrant letters.

It’s after that followed with the first sentence of this discharge.

4. Follow the ideal limit.

Your press release should certainly be limited to a solitary web page, yet may go beyond to 2 pages.

It requires to be responded to based upon its value in the story.

5. Keep it short, simple and without blunders.

Do not attempt to consist of a lot of unnecessary words, such as hype or adjectives to attract a reporter’s interest. Remember you mean to introduce a relevant content with the assumption journalism will compose it.

Guarantee your story is devoid of grammar, punctuation and also punctuation mistakes. Steer clear of from typo errors, so analyze your narrative before throwing it to raise the chance of coverage.

6. Prepare a media package.
Presenting a networking set will probably give you with a sign of acceptance if your news release is exceptional. You may also supply extra records that could boost your chance of getting a promo, including product reviews, background information of the company as well as reprint of short articles composed by other book worrying your brand name.

How to Write a Press Release That Gets Publicity

If you are a brand that’s been running for many years, crafting a media release could not be a brand new point for you.

With many reasons to write a news releases, it is a requirement that each brand name requires to understand exactly how to compose an excellent one. Unless you are utilizing a supply firm which offers writing and circulation of media releases, understanding the framework and syntax is important for every single PR expert.

What is a news releases?

A news releases is developed by a PR expert and also supplied to journalism, like journalists, blog owners, reporters, and also publications. It’s a well-written declaration about organisation developments with the purpose of public awareness.

Merely speaking, news release will be your ticket to marketing. When done appropriately, it may land you a TV or radioprotection and may be syndicated from the most popular as well as area books.

What are the requirements of a great news release?

The media select not all media releases. Besides the optimal throwing methods, there’s an excellent rules in creating a great news release.

Have a look at the qualities of an Amazing news release under:

1. Develop a relevant tale.
What is the primary reason you’re composing a news releases?
You do not want to misuse your time creating a news releases and coating in their junk folder. Make certain you are writing a various type of narrative that can make the reporters mention they will certainly need to interact with you for additional information.

If something considerable occurs in your company, compose it. But not all reports validate a discharge. In certain sectors like authorized, a media release is needed, also if declaring legal actions with substantial public law consequences or stating a judgment that is remarkable.

2. See to it that you’re targeting the best press when sending a media release.

Pitching to a press reporter, that covers food and dining establishments, will not attack your press release if you’re releasing a publication. It seems ridiculous, but some nonetheless send news releases to the wrong press reporters.

3. Stick to the best phrase structure.

Just like the way the reporter creates an overview or internet site, a news releases ought to comply with the appropriate format and also phrase structure. You can not just compose it just how you need it, without thinking about the requirements. Observe the:

Simply listed below it, compose a memorable heading that’s created in vibrant letters.

It’s then adhered to with the first sentence of this discharge.

4. Comply with the ideal limitation.

Your press release should be limited to a solitary page, yet might transcend to 2 web pages.

It requires to be answered based on its relevance in the story.

5. Keep it brief, easy and free of mistakes.

Do not attempt to include a great deal of unnecessary words, such as exaggeration or adjectives to entice a press reporter’s interest. Remember you intend to introduce a relevant content with the assumption journalism will compose it.

Ensure your tale is without grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Stay away from typo blunders, so analyze your narrative prior to tossing it to raise the possibility of insurance coverage.

6. Prepare a media set.
Offering a networking set will most likely give you with a sign of acceptance if your press release is superb. A media set comprises your news releases, cover letter, photographs, video clips together with a business card. You might additionally provide included documents that may boost your possibility of obtaining a promotion, such as item reviews, history details of the company and reprint of posts written by added book worrying your brand name.

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Robert Ivy’s Achievements throughout His Career

Robert Ivy’s Achievements throughout His Career

The training that various workers gain from school and their workplaces might seem but in the real sense, there is still more things that workers can learn. That is why there are several professional societies that have been formed in order to assist in giving workers extra training. As per the reports that were compiled by the American Society of Association Executives in 2010, the United States had more than ninety-two thousand trade and professional societies. The trade professional societies focus on attracting companies as their members. On the other hand, professional associations are always focused on attracting individual workers as their members. These professional societies have several benefits that members who join them get through the educational programs that these companies run. Apart from the knowledge they get from the educational programs, there are also other benefits like getting the opportunities of establishing strong networks in their career field. Members also get the opportunity of establishing credibility by taking on leadership roles and also competing on some awards that have been offered by the professional societies.

Robert Ivy and the Professional Society

Robert Ivy joined the Architectural Record where he served as the editor in Chief in the year 1996. The opportunity that the Architectural Record gave Robert ivy enabled him to get an opportunity of growing his writing skills to the point of publishing an architectural journal that was widely read in the world. After building a good reputation for him during the time was working for the architectural record, Robert Ivy was employed at McGraw where he served the role of the vice president and editorial director.

During Robert Ivy’s tenure at the architectural record, he was able to accomplish a lot for the company. He was also able to earn a lot of publishing industry honors such as premier magazine journalism award, the American Society of Magazine editor’s journal. Through his hard work and the experience he has gained after working for the architectural record for over 2 decades, Roberts is currently considered to be among the best editors who publish journal related to the field of architecture in the United States. Robert Ivy, FAIA, honored with lifetime achievement award