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Cassio Audi: Legendary Brazilian Heavy Metal Band Drummer

Cassio Audi was a teenager when he joined the Latin heavy metal group known as Viper. He stayed with the group until 1989, leaving one year after the band released its first album entitled Soldiers of Sunrise, which spawned such songs as Knights of Destruction and Wings of the Evil. The group was heavily influenced by a few British heavy metal groups that were popular in the 1970s and 80s, most notably, the group called Iron Maiden.

Cassio and all the other members of Viper hailed from the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil, and their first demo was called The Killera Sword. The original members included: Felipe Machad; Andre Matos; Pit Passarell; Yves Passarell; and Renato Graccia. They achieved global success in the few years that they were together, but although Cassio Audi contributed a lot to the group’s success, he left to pursue another career just a few years after he’d joined.

When the group first started, the teens were not as interested in using their musical talents for monetary gain as they were in having the opportunity to just record an album and have their names on the cover and the back side of a record, which was of the vinyl type at that time. The group didn’t initially go on tour to promote their albums and songs, and for this they were seen as being a little odd.

Although the original group split up a long time ago, Cassio Audi and the others got back together to do anniversary concerts in their hometown of Sao Paulo to celebrate the success of their first album. The concerts were big events that were very well received by their fans in the Latin community, as well as by others. Cassio will always be known as the group’s original drummer, and he and the other members of Viper will most likely always be connected in friendship due to their long history with each other.

More information on Cassio Audi can be found here, on Facebook.

Essential Lessons for Young people From Cassio Audi

Young people around the world are faced with the challenge of making career choices. At times, the indecisiveness emanates from pressure and expectations from our relatives or the society in general. To some extent, one’s ability to ward off the stress is among primary determinants of success in careers and personal life. Young people usually have ample time to try out different things as they try to find their path. However, time waits for no king. Inability to make an informed decision at the opportune time means that you will be caught up in a crisis. You may end up losing quite grand openings.
On that note, I would like us to borrow some lessons from the life of Cassio Audio. He began as a musician for a Brazilian band before cutting a niche in the investment and financial sector. In most instances, we treat our first jobs or endeavors as a mere stepping stone towards our desired career destination. Simply, some people loathe their jobs. From the early life of Audio, we can attest that passion is an essential ingredient of our career journey. Together with the other band members, he played his role wholeheartedly earning him respect as a drummer in spite of his young tender age. He played a critical role in selling the group enabling them to attract a huge fan base and producers around the world.
The second thing is education. Many successful individuals may not have gone through college and university. However talented you may be, it is important to find a place where you will acquire vital knowledge and skills. They will come in handy in case the talent does not push you to the desired position. Plus, education will sharpen your intellectual acumen and ability to articulate issues in the course of your endeavors.

Get to know Omar Yunes in 3 minutes!

You do not have to be Mexican to know this name. Wait, maybe you have never heard of it before. If so, you will know about him by the end of the article. Omar Yunes is an investor from Mexico who represents Sushi Ittto.

He is an experienced and skilled franchisee who has won various awards at the annual Best Franchisee of the Word competitions. He is interested in the food venture and runs over thirteen franchises located in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla.

One of the main reasons that made Omar successful in the food industry is his ability to market his products. His 13 units have created more than 400 job opportunities. To make sure that his employees are working hard to attain his goals, he remunerates them well. Through his leadership, his business has thrived and developed an excellent network in the food industry.

During the best franchise of the world awards, Sushi Itto franchisee Omar Yunes won. The awards took place in Florence, Italy in December 2015. Omar has been a franchisee of the restaurants since he was 21. He said that he was proud of winning and gave credit to the employees of his 13 units and the brand that has allowed them to recreate.

Representatives from thirty-four nations attended the awards. Before being named the winner, Omar was evaluated thoroughly. His contribution to the network in aspects like how he has influenced it, contributions regarding savings, knowledge, motivation to employees, profits and the improvements he brought to the model.

According to the BFW organizer Diego Elizarrarrás, Omar deserved the award fully. He has achieved a better management strategy and implemented control boards that assist in having a clear understanding of each unit. Sushi Itto CEO Benjamin Cancelmo added that these awards were a representation of joint efforts of offering their customers an unusual flavor, excellent services, and unparalleled hospitality.

Iván Tamer, a franchisee of Prendamex, won the runner-up position. The main reason he won was implementing and providing tools that enable a new marketing system that is used to manage the entire pawnshop’s network currently.

Two Benefits of Using The NuoDB Cloud

1) There is the flexibility to consider. Using the NuoDB Cloud-Based Technology offers more flexibility than many of its counterparts.

“You can only give as much as you get. Make sure the rope is flexible at both ends”

You can increase your NuoDB Cloud needs when you need to and decrease when it becomes too much. NuoDB is perfect for businesses that work from a small to medium scale.

2) The type of disaster recovery that NuoDB offers is able to stand up in today’s competitive markets. There will come a time when something will impact your system. You need a plan in place to make sure all your data and information is saved and can be easily retrieved. This is why you need the NuoDB Cloud-Based Technologies. As trends come and go, the NuoDb still stands.

“When your world has crashed the only thing left will be the cockroaches”

The bombs have gone off and the survivors are at a minimum. Your world that has crashed is the laptop covered in smoke and a hardware on life support. These cockroaches are the NuoDB Cloud-Based Technologies.

Get the picture?

Want to recover from the bomb? Get the SQL database and recover your computer’s soul.

The International Lingerie of Honey Birdette

Just about any area of the fashion industry is going to be popular in this day and age. Lingerie brand Honey Birdette made waves in Australia when it opened in Brisbane in 2006 offering its merchandise of high-end lingerie and premium bedroom accessories. Founded by entrepreneur, Eloise Monaghan, it almost immediately because hugely successful. It was especially successful among U.S. customers, experience a whopping 374% increase in U.S. online sales in the first year alone. In 2011, HB entered into a partnership with Asia-Pacific retail giant, BB Retail Capital. The partnership proved to be a very wise decision on the part of HB who opened 40 more Australian stores between 2012 and 2016.

Last year it started bringing its products to the rest of the world. At that time it opened a location in Covenant Garden in London, England. It is now bringing its increasingly popular brand name to the U.S. and the rest of the world. It now has a full U.S. e-commerce website and has plans to have 40 stores in the U.K. by the end of 2018. The U.S has already had online access to Honey Birdette merchandise, but this full e-commerce site will make delivery faster, returns easier, and have a greater product range. Honey Birdette is presently funded by BBRC. Honey Birdette is now pursuing store locations through Europe and the U.S.

Honey Birdette does a lot of advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Although there is a whole lot of competition in the lingerie department throughout the world, Honey Birdette will likely stay on top.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.

Avaaz-Giving Hope Back to the People

Avaaz was founded five years ago and has since grown to become the most powerful and largest activist network online, according to The Guardian.

Avaaz means “voice” in many European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages and was launched in 2007. The mission of Avaaz is to close the gap between the ideal world and the world we have by uniting people all over the globe.

Avaaz is making it possible for millions of people from every walk of life to have some say and some power against the national, regional and global issues of our world today. Avaaz is addressing everything from poverty to climate change and the Avazz community is taking strong action against the injustices of the world.

Avaaz is served by a tea of 6 continents and thousands of volunteers and campaigns in as many as 15 different languages. Avaaz is using it voice to reach out to people through emailing, calling and lobbying governments, organizing protests, and signing petitions. Avaaz is working hard to make sure that the views and morals of the people in the world are being heard and will help to shape the decisions tat are made that inevitably affect each and every one of us.

Every year, Avaaz seta priorities to meet through polls made of members and campaign ideas are tested and polled each week to random samples. The staff of Avaaz listen to their members and help to decide which actions to take in the many different scenarios that arise.

Avaaz believes we are all human and are responsible not only to ourselves, but to the future generations and to the planet. Avaaz is a way to give hope back to the people of the world and is making it possible to have a say in how things are run.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Honey Birdette Reveals Its Plan to Launch More UK Retail Stores following the Success of Its Online US Shop

In 2016, Eloise Monaghan and her business partners realized an increase of 374 percent in sales through their Honey Birdette US site. The Brisbane entrepreneur stated that they aim to provide US customers with a user-friendly online shopping experience and affordable shipping options. Honey Birdette has fast deliveries for all clients and charges no fees for purchases that exceed fifty dollars. The firm has a broad range of products and allows consumers to quickly return newly bought items they would wish exchanged or refunded.

With collaboration from the company’s co-owners, Eloise Monaghan set up Honey Birdette in 2006 and has opened 55 stores in Australia alone. The entrepreneur opened the first physical store outside of her home country in 2016 in London’s Convent Garden. After opening two more stores in Westfield White City and Leeds Victoria Gate, she revealed that they would launch new retails in Liverpool, Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, and Leeds. According to reports from the firm, Honey Birdette will open retail openings in the US and add a total of 40 retail openings to the existing ones.

Despite its presence in the retail price for over a decade, Honey Birdette has done a remarkable job of adapting to the rapid technological changes of the millennial age. It has a strong social media presence Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vimeo, and Tumblr. These forums facilitate in maintaining trustworthy relationships with customers.

Honey Birdette specializes in the development of many products. These include lingerie, adult toys, essentials, gifts, gift cards and bags. Customers’ reviews show how much they often marvel at the softness, quality, and durability of the fabrics. In an interview with Mike O’Connor of Courier Mail, Eloise described Honey’s adult toys as modern, and more hygienic than their traditional counterparts. Honey’s toys’ have gained popularity in the United States and once featured on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show. Eloise revealed that the company values customer feedback and offers the best customer service to every walk in clientele. If a particular outfit does not match with the client’s best look, Honey Birdette’s staff will not hold back in advising the customer. Honey Birdette’s stores are lavish in appearance, providing a favorable atmosphere to all clientele.

For more information on Honey Birdette follow them on Twitter.

Highland Capital Shifts Focus to Healthcare Stocks

Following a fairly successful year of investing in energy stocks, Highland Capital has now decided to shift towards new healthcare opportunities for 2017. As a capital management firm, Highland Capital has proven time and time again that they have a deep insight into how the markets work and how to best profit from them. It’s this knowledge that allowed them to invest heavily into energy stocks last year, which ended up giving them a 32% net growth throughout the year. For comparison, that growth is more than triple that of the S&P Index 500.


So why is Highland Capital moving away from the energy sector this year? The answer to that is simple, Highland Capital believes the healthcare sector is due for what they believe to be an incredible rebound over the course of the year. When Highland Capital invested in oil stocks last year, they chose to do so at a time when oil prices were bottoming out. When other people were wary of oil, Highland Capital decided to make some smart business decisions that paid off tremendously. Now, they’re looking to do the same with healthcare.


It’s worth noting that healthcare stocks were the only industry to see a net decline by the end of the year. For those paying attention to Highland Capital’s business strategies, this is not unlike the same situation that oil was previously facing. And, just as with oil, Highland Capital belives that healthcare stocks have just about reached their lowest point. That means that healthcare stocks can only really improve from here on out.


Of course, Highland Capital Management isn’t only investing in healthcare stocks. As of right now, their portfolio places a significant focus on healthcare, with other stakes in the energy, financials, and real estate sectors. It will be interesting to see how these different industries come together throughout the course of the year, both in regards to Highland Capital’s overall portfolio and in regards to the world economy in general. While no one can say for sure what direction healthcare stocks are headed in, it’s safe to say that if Highland Capital has confidence in something, then other investors probably should as well.

Earth Force Receives Biggest Crowdfunded Endorsement Yet

You’ve heard about Earth Force and you surely know the good work they do. Now, someone’s stepped in to help them move their plans forward.

Jon Urbana graduated in 2005 with a Bachelors degree of arts in economics from Villanova, where he played on their lacrosse team. Over his college studies, he earned many awards following his prominent field performances on the lacrosse team. Besides his ownership of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Urbana’s Crunchbase page states that he is a manager at Ellipse USA. This company is currently leading in the provisioning of safe and effective skin treatments.
In October this year, Jon Urbana announced his creation of a personal website and a GoFundMe meant to support Earth Force. This is an organization that is targeted to encourage children steadfast resolution on environmental problems in their areas. Following the eagerness of the young athletes from his sports program to build up the good looks of our natural environment, his motive to promote habitat awareness has greatly been enhanced through Urbana’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers.
Urbana, on one of his blogs, stated that he looks forward to the campaign to produce citizens well aware of the environment. In April 2011, there was a Next Level Lacrosse launch where he was the program’s head and captured the footage on Vimeo. This served as one of his projects where he focused on engaging children in productive activities, which he later posted to his SlideShare bulletin board.

He went ahead to create a Crowdrise campaign to support ARAS, which was mainly to enlighten on defenseless creatures.

He mainly targeted Instagram to promote his cause, and encourage children and parents curb the negative impact on animals and purposed this to be achieved by close connection with the animal adoption and rescue society. And then through an FAA honorable recognition, Mr. Urbana became a decorated pilot.
Jon Urbana’s campaign for Earth Force looks forward to bringing the youth together and advocate for improvement in their local environments. This comes with emphasis on the beauty of our natural earth. The campaign has worked a great way in equipping our youth with skills in decision –making and also resolution on factors involving the care of our environment. As the cofounder of a lacrosse camp, Urbana expresses his gratitude to our youth following their commitment to create a clear environment.


Adam Sender Selling 400 Pieces of Contemporary Art for a Fortune

If you looked at Adam Sender only a decade ago, you would see a successful hedge fund manager who was making his clients more than enough money for them to support the growth of the fund. He in fact was making sizable profits for himself, and he could have easily invested those profits in the hedge fund for the foreseeable future. Sender ventured off on a journey into the world of Contemporary art, looking for a way to explode his profits in the shortest possible time. His unique gamble was more of a carefully orchestrated plan that would reap him riches only few ever experience.

So Adam Sender was looking around for a way to invest his profits away from the hedge fund and discovered Contemporary art. This was a very difficult industry for anyone to make profits, because the costs are so extreme, one mistake and you basically lose all your bankroll and savings. Sender began his quest looking at pieces by Warhol, and quickly realized that he would need a few million dollars to buy the masterpieces from the greatest artists in the world. The biggest problem for sender was however there was very little room for making a profit when you enter the market over a million dollars.

This was not where the story ends, it is in fact where the story begins. Sender knew there was money to be made in the world of art, so he began searching for masterpieces that were created by artists flying under the radar. These lesser-known artists were still creating great pieces, they just were not getting the recognition of the greatest in the world. Here is where Sender saw an opportunity to make his move. He began to collect paintings from these artists, and when he felt he had accumulated enough, decided to test the market in 2006 to see if his hunch was correct.

In 2006, Sender auctioned off 40 different Contemporary pieces and walked from the auction with $20 million dollars. It was safe to assume that Sender hit the gas and began to collect more pieces as fast as he could. Over the years, Sender went on to collect 400 pieces of art from 139 different artists. Fast forward to 2015, and Sender has decided the time to exit his art position is going to go the way of his hedge fund. He wants out of all positions and looks to become a wealthy man when the pieces are all finally sold off. Adam Sender’s Whitepages profile is linked.

Sotheby’s has been commissioned to liquidate the pieces, and expects the sale to go on for the better part of 18 months. Once completed, the auction house believes Sender will pocket $70 million dollars for his incredible hindsight.