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Alexis Kennedy Ignites Passion and Mystery with Cultist Simulator Game

When you want mystery, horror, and fantasy fun, Cultist Simulator from Alexis Kennedy is an award-winning gaming option. Set in a mythological universe where whimsy and conundrum collide, this narrative game places life and fate in the draw of cards. Draw a work card to get started for earnings into occult interests, then keep drawing and exploring to map out a life of either victory or woe.

In Cultist Simulator, you draw the cards and contend with your own set of consequences. No two consequences are alike, and some can prove dire. Discover forbidden treasures and recruit a following of cultish disciples. Get married, birth heirs, and welcome the old gods into your world. Become powerful in your search for passion, beauty, vengeance, and recognition. All of these possibilities, and more, are in the cards.

Alexis Kennedy drew inspiration from Lovecraftian tales of Cthulu and other mythological creatures. In the realm of Cultist Simulator, you are given clues to make your own conclusions of what is real and what is not. The cast of recurring characters becomes familiar after a few gameplays, but the direction the game can take is different and surprising each time.

Download Cultist Simulator via Google Play, the App Store,, Humble, or GOG. The best gameplay experiences are played on updated systems with Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, or Linux platforms.

The Creative Mind Behind the Game

Aside from Cultist Simulator, the indie game developer Alexis Kennedy is well-known for Fallen London and Sunless Seas. As of 2019, Kennedy is working on Book of Hours with the help of Telltale Games. Book of Hours promises to be fantasy themed with gameplay in the same world has Cultist Simulator. Alexis Kennedy is British born with residence in London, England. He founded, owns, and manages Weather Factory, a game development company.