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Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Get Visitation

The Securus Technologies application has helped a lot of people get the visitation they need with friends and loved ones in prison. I have used the app to talk to my cousin many times, and I am really impressed with how it works. I do not have to go all the way out to the prison to see him, and I am able to have the same kind of visitation I would get over a secure connection.
I downloaded the Securus app on my phone from a crunchbase link, and now I am able to call in using the app to talk to my cousin. This means that I can check in any time, and I do not have to make an excuse why I cannot get to the prison. Distance is no longer a problem, and distance will not get between me and anyone I know how might be in prison.

I am especially impressed by the app because as reported by PR Newswire,  it allows for video visitation. I am the one who talks to my cousin the most because his parents are gone, and that means that I need to see how he looks. I can talk to him on a video call, and that means that I can see what is going on with him instead of just guessing over the phone. I am really thankful for this because now all my relatives who ask how he is doing will get a true answer from me because I saw him for myself.

I am able to call in at any time I want, and my cousin is able to talk to me on the prison’s schedule. He said that a lot of other people are using the app, and that makes me feel good because I am one of the first to start using the Securus app.

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