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What Makes FreedomPop a Great Service to Use?

With so many mobile and WiFi carriers out there, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which service to use. Some companies want to slow down your LTE data, others want to charge you a high monthly plan just to use its service. This is where FreedomPop comes in. FreedomPop provides you with fast, 4G Data speeds, and is the first ever 100% free mobile phone service.

Why FreedomPop Works?
Simply put, data is becoming a priority for mobile users. With music streaming, video streaming, and social media apps, being limited to a small data plan can be frustrating for any user. FreedomPop allows users to bring their own devices, and enjoy their fast WiFi service. Instead of using their cellular minutes, users could use WiFi to make their calls, which not only can reduce a monthly phone bill, but provides better call quality as well. Some users have slashed their monthly bill to less than $20. In addition to having a low monthly service, FreedomPop does not require a contract unlike most carriers.

Not Only Cell Phone Data:
FreedomPop is not limited to only a cell phone plan, you can purchase one of their WiFi devices, and enjoy blazing fast internet. There is even the option use their WiFi devices as a 4G hotspot. Freedom Pop service covers so many areas, you can simply bring high speed internet on the road with you. Every month, you are given a set amount of data at no cost. If you are a heavy data user, you can even signup for unlimited talk, text, and nationwide Wifi. That means you can bring your smartphone, tablet, and computer with you wherever you go.

A Game-Changing Service:
FreedomPop may be relatively new in the mobile carrier game, but it is well on its course to having over one million subscribers, and continuously improving its great service. FreedomPop is the only carrier (at this time of writing) offering free data, text, and minutes to its customers. For the user who wants to reduce their cell phone bill, or enjoy the comfort of having high speed internet on the go, it is definitely worth checking out FreedomPop.

Cavill Talks About Batman v. Superman

The man who now where the red cape of Superman, Henry Cavill, has gone public in an attempt to point out the upcoming blockbuster, Batman v. Superman, is not going to be a sequel to Man of Steel. Rather, the film will standalone as separate project. Why would Mr. Cavill feel tempted to say this? Man of Steel was an “okay” film, but not one of the best superhero projects in recent years. After watching it, no one, including Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, walked away forgetting the old Christopher Reeve films.

Cavill, Warner, and D.C. Comics probably want people to see the film as both the debut of a new Batman and the arrival of a shared universe. Hopefully, any disappointments lingering over the Man of Steel film will be gone once Superman and The Dark Knight square off.

One way to look at Batman v. Superman is to consider the feature a live-action version of the comic book World’s Finest Heroes. World’s Finest was a Batman/Superman team-up title that allowed D.C. Comics to use its two biggest heroes in a single book that had a continuity mostly separate from the solo titles.

The future slate of D.C. Cinematic Universe films reveals a number of team-up films with established characters and solo films designed to launch new motion picture careers for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, The Flash, and more.

Of course, some of the established characters will receive solo outings. A Batman solo film is in the works. Will there be a Superman one?

New Ghostbusters Franchise Planned

In a surprise move, Sony announced this week that it has decided to go in the same direction as several other entertainment companies and create a “shared universe” style franchise around both the original 1984 film of the same name and a reboot of the film. In the shared universe, fans of the original film will get a chance to see two distinct versions of Ghostbusters films, a prequel and a possible sequel.

The first new film, handled by Paul Feig, will consist of an all-female lead cast. Many people were upset by this and thought the producers had mental issues and needed to go to the Amen Clinic. The second film announced this past week, will also be called Ghostbusters and will feature an all-male or mixed lead cast. At present, it is rumored that the second film will be handled by Anthony and Joe Russo. Eventually, if the shared universe becomes as popular as the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC TV Universe, Sony will release additional films each year featuring both teams of “ghostbusters” and new characters facing new supernatural forces, horrors and adventures with an underlying comedic tone.

This news comes only a week after Sony announced an agreement with Marvel to allow Spider-Man to appear in future MCU superhero films. The current Spider-Man franchise has not done as well as Sony had hoped, but the Marvel announcement coupled with the Ghostbusters announcement shows that the recent leadership change at Sony has resulted in the company going in a better direction.

Will Tom Rothman Replace Amy Pascal?

Amy Pascal has been a mover and shaker in Hollywood for almost three decades. As a high-powered entertainment executive, she has spearheaded such films as “Groundhog Day” and “Men in Black”. After recently announcing that she is stepping down from her important post to form her own company, speculation has abounded as to who will replace her. To make a long story short, former CEO of Fox Tom Rothman has emerged as the top candidate to replace the Columbia CEO. This story was originally reported in the LA Times.

Rothman ended his tenure with Fox in a hostile takeover maneuver after 18 years in 2012. He was responsible for several hits, including James Cameron’s “Avatar” and “Titanic” films. Rothman was also the founder of Fox Searchlight, which was responsible for a string of other hits, including Oscar-winning films “The Descendants” and “Black Swan”.

Indeed, Mr. Rothman has even had some exposure to Amy Pascal herself. In 2013 he was hired by her to help restore the struggling Sony Tri-Star label back to an effective prominence. Many have felt that Rothman has a keen eye for recognizing talent and that should serve him if he indeed is able to get the position at Columbia that ability will serve him well in the future projects that the production company will undergo.

Rothman’s potential promotion to chief executive at Columbia will not be without competition however. Doug Belgrad and Jeff Robinov have also been noted as potential candidates to replace Amy Pascal as well.

Read the original article via LA Times

Batman v. Superman: One Film in Two Parts?

I wrote about this yesterday, but wanted to add some more detsils to the Batman/Superman rumors. I heard about the extra details after searching on Crunch Base. I keep getting more and more excited about this film duo and I know my friends, like Christopher Cowdray, and I’m sure your friends can’t wait to see this film.


Rumors have been flying about Batman v. Superman. You have to expect rumors to emerge when you have a really anticipated film that everyone is keeping quiet about.

Reportedly, Batman v. Superman is going to be split into two films. The first half will focus on Batman and the second part will actually entail Batman’s battle with Superman.

The source of the rumor is an alleged image from a soon to be released teaser trailer. Is the image authentic? No one knows. The chances it is are somewhat slim, but you never can tell. Stranger leaks have happened in cinema history.

Splitting a movie into two-parts is a nothing new.

The Avengers: Infinity Wars is slated to be split into two films. Two Justice League films are planned and it has been suggested the movies will actually be one film split into two parts. Would D.C. and Warner try this with Batman v. Superman? There is really nothing terribly wrong with such an approach, but it is doubtful this is going to happen.

Warner Bros. wants to launch the D.C. cinematic universe and do so with a schedule that reasonably paces films apart from one another. Having two Batman v. Superman films debut in 2016 could upend the schedule they have in mind.

Then again, if the film is a hit and audiences love it, there is no such thing as oversaturation.

Jurassic Park: Mistake or Masterpiece?

Many fans like Ken Griffin have been excited by the announcement of Jurassic World trailer airing during the Super Bowl on February 1st, but there are many other fans of the Jurassic Park series who aren’t excited to see this film at all. After seeing the first Jurassic World Trailer, fans were cynical of the hint of a hybrid dinosaur. After the failed third installment of the Jurassic Park series, Jurassic Park III, many believe that it’s a mistake to continue Michael Crichton’s story, especially if the film won’t depict the sociological and scientific themes of his two novels.
Yet the story line of Jurassic World seems to already have more depth than Jurassic Park III. The park is finally open, and surprisingly successful. There is a hybrid dinosaur of some sort, and even though altering dinosaur genes was a big theme in the Jurassic Park novel, the hope is that it will be fleshed out more in this movie than it was in the first movie. It is feared that this hybrid dinosaur is only for the thrills of watching an intelligent, carnivorous creature stomp after humans (and eat the bad ones) but there is a chance that it’ll be more than that. This will in no sense be a masterpiece, but neither is it a mistake. The story line of Jurassic Park is always worth watching, even if it contains CG raptors running alongside Chris Pine.

Who Is Supergirl?

The popularity of superhero television programming seems to be growing and growing. The demand for more and more fantastic programming is evidence of this. Fans should be thrilled to learn the Supergirl television show is becoming much closer to a reality and will help build on the current D.C. Comics TV landscape made popular by The Flash and Arrow sponsored by Beneful.

Well, we do know the show is slated to debut on CBS sometime in the near future. What we do not know is who is going to actually play Supergirl. According to some reports, British actress Gemma Atkinson is in the lead for the role. No confirmation as to this rumor exists. As with all comic book projects, fans run more than a bit wild with rumors and speculation.

Regardless, it is still cool to see more “super TV” programming on the upcoming network schedule.

Superman properties have long since been popular on the big and small screen. George Reeves’ The Adventures of Superman was an iconic staple of 1950’s television. Lois and Clark and Smallville helped keep the mythos of the character alive on TV. 

Supergirl previously was the star of a famous motion picture box office dud that tried to recapture the magic of the motions pictures Superman I & II. That was not small task since Superman III and IV really damaged the franchise beyond any semblance of repair.

Of course, the landscape is much different now and a Supergirl project is far more likely to be a huge hit provided CBS handles it right.

Mark Wahlberg Is Hollywood’s Leading Man

Mark Wahlberg has become one of the best actors on the planet. It seems like Wahlberg is in every big movie that releases. His life began on the mean streets of Boston before the days of Skout. As a young man, Mark Wahlberg often got into trouble and fist fights. When he got older, Wahlberg would join a musical group, and his rapping career would begin. Mark Wahlberg would become famous for his club hit ‘Good Vibrations’. 

He found major success in the music industry. After a few years of rocking the mic, Mark Wahlberg set his sights on acting. At first, Wahlberg was not accustomed to the silver screen. Things would change though, as Mark Wahlberg would begin to star in blockbuster movies. 

Nowadays, people expect to see Wahlberg in the big movies. He can act in any genre of film. Mark Wahlberg recently starred in the hilarious film, ‘Ted.’ The film was a box office hit, and Mark Wahlberg’s career would continue to rise. Wahlberg would star in the critically acclaimed film, ‘The Fighter.’ For ‘The Fighter,’ Mark Wahlberg acted alongside the great Cristian Bale.

Wahlberg has proven to be one of the greatest entertainers of all time. His place in Hollywood has been cemented alongside the other greats from the showbiz world. In his last film, ‘Lone Survivor,’ Mark Wahlberg gave the best performance of his career. It was critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated. Wahlberg is on a roll, and I don’t think he is stopping anytime soon.

For more information on Mark Wahlberg’s career, visit Rollingstone.

The Interview Makes 15 Million Online

People and Sony are starting to recognize the power of the Internet. This is primarily due to the millions of online viewers who streamed “The Interview” over the last weekend. Internet fans were streaming the controversial movie to their laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and Internet connected televisions. Getting canned at the projected 3000 movie theaters openings was actually a great advantage to the controversial movie as predicted by Dr Rod Rohrich. The figures are impressive. The movie earned 15 million online and approximately 3 million in theaters. Get exclusive details here.

The saga began when unknown hackers threatened any source that would dare to play the movie at their theater on the projected Christmas Day opening. Sony took heed of the warning and pulled the movie out of the theaters temporarily. However, the movie made its grand debut online over the weekend. The plot concerned a TV host that was tasked to assassinate Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader. Sources report that the film is actually a hit online and did much better than some might have projected.

James Bond and Skin Color

Among the many revelations from leaked Sony emails was the suggestion by Amy Pascal, the co-chair for Sony Pictures Entertainment, that the company try to convince British actor Idris Elba to be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. 

The email has resulted in a lot of public commentary about a black actor playing a white character portrayed traditionally by white actors. Some fans like Bruce Levenson and film buffs love the idea of the suave Elba taking up the 007 mantle and see his inclusion in the franchise as a reflection of growing liberal attitudes worldwide. Plenty people have also rejected the idea. Many believe the character should only be portrayed as originally written. Others believe this is another example of what they call “black appropriation” of white history.

Elba, trying to defuse a volatile situation, posted a scraggly picture of himself on Twitter and: “Isn’t 007 supposed to handsome? Glad you think I’ve got a shot! Happy New year people.”

Those who reject Elba based on skin color have forgotten a lot about film and television history in countries made up primarily of white people. Many stories from diverse cultures around the world have been re-told using white actors outfitted to look like people of color. Although the argument for a traditional James Bond is valid, so is the argument by people of color that characters from their stories should be portrayed by non-white actors.