CEOs Hire Jeremy Goldstein To Advise On Executive Compensation Matters

Jeremy L. Goldstein, Esq. founded his boutique law firm in New York City. He is currently a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. His specialty, as well as the focus of the firm, is as an advisor to hiring committee in need of legal counsel for executive compensation.


Jeremy has worked in conjunction with the CEOs, HR directors, and managerial committees of numerous major corporations. There are concerns that will frequently arise in times of corporate transformations that involve executive compensation as well as legal matters relating to corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein has advised top companies during periods of transformations as a result of mergers and acquisitions. These matters can become emotion-packed especially when they can adversely affect an organization’s upper management personnel.


With his years of experience and his client’s best interests in mind, Jeremy Goldstein knows what to expect throughout the process. He understands how to keep all parties on a productive track of communication even when the issues are on a sensitive or personal level. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, and Jeremy Goldstein specifically, has earned the notable reputation as an expert in this segment of the law. Jeremy is an active member of the American Bar Association, and he serves as chair of a mergers and acquisitions subcommittee with its primary focus on executive compensation. Jeremy is a renowned speaker and author on the topic.


Jeremy Goldstein is a philanthropist, and he is a devoted board member and donor to the Fountain House. This charitable organization is focused on helping individuals who suffer from mental health issues that affect their lives and families. Jeremy earned a B.A. at Cornell University. He achieved his law degree at New York University. He also attended the University of Chicago and graduated with an M.A. degree.


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