Chairman RBS Group: Duda Melzer

In this growing world, a lot of people think about business ideas but a few get to implement them in the real world. Very few people have the guts to implement their ideas and work on them. Countries and governments have encouraged such people who have built up their business or have been successful in the growth of their family businesses. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or Duda, as he is commonly known, is amongst such people who not only made their family businesses grow successfully but also initiated other successful businesses.

Duda completed his bachelor’s degree from PUCRS and then went to Harvard Business School to earn a master’s degree in Business Administration. He joined RBS as the Director General of National Market in 2004 and became the president in 2012. Since then he has been continually working for the growth of his business and has based his work on his innovative ideas, investment in journalism and focus on people’s management.

RBS group has almost 6000 employees and it has been a successful venture under the leadership of Duda. Due to Duda Melzer’s hard work the company has been recognized as the most innovative company in Brazil and one of the three companies that have generated the most value for the people, along with Google and Globo.

This status has been provided to RBS because Duda has kept the people around him as his priority. This can be seen by the investment of $300 million by e.Bricks. In this venture, initial investments are provided to new businesses that can prove helpful for RBS in any field. In this way, Duda has helped people and has thought of the benefit of his own business as well.

Duda has also given speeches in informal situations. He provided information to the people of the supermarket and the suppliers about the power of communication. He told them that the right communication can prove helpful to you and in case of miscommunication a lot of blunders can take place. He focused on making the right communication with the customer and inside the business chains as he said that communication is one of the basic keys to success. To see more about Melzer visit

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