Chris Pratt is Signed for The Magnificent Seven

Brian Torchin says that with all the science-fiction remakes and reboots on the horizon, one of the more interesting new spins on a classic film is being somewhat overlooked. This would be the Magnificent Seven remake that is going to star Denzel Washington.

Chris Pratt will star alongside Washington in the film. So, that makes five more stars to go. It is going to be interesting to see who is cast. Reportedly, Tom Cruise was courted but he did not accept any serious discussions.

Pratt will be starring in the incredibly insane comic book movie Cowboy Ninja Viking, a project so obtuse it has to be considered a risk. The Magnificent Seven remake probably will be a safer bet, although the western genre is a bit hit and miss these days. Most studios are leery of making westerns even when one, such as Django Unchained, is a hit. A proposed remake of The Wild Bunch might even move the film from the old west to modern times.

The original 1960 film was a remake itself. Well, it was a loose remake of Akira Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai, a true classic of the cinema. The western version was a huge hit and spawned a host of sequels. Most of them were pretty forgettable. 

Is the time right for a Magnificent Seven remake? It’s hard to tell. Again, westerns can be a hit and miss proposition. When done right and released at the right time, a western can be a hit.

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