Christopher Nolan Supports Ben Affleck as Batman

Anybody following in Christian Bale’s footsteps will have some pretty big shoes to fill. The man is almost manic in his approach to acting and the results he puts up onto the screen are something just short of mythical. So when Ben Affleck was put to the task of taking over the role of Batman fans everywhere understandably groaned. How could the guy who made ‘Gigli’ be the Caped Crusader? It almost wasn’t fair to ask it of him, but here we are. It took a little bit of time but ‘Dark Knight’ creator Christopher Nolan stepped up to the plate to throw in his support for Ben Affleck.

Nolan spoke candidly in an interview of his appreciation for the Affleck casting of Batman. He said that he loved the choice to have Affleck helm the role thanks primarily to the proof of his skill with films such as the Oscar winning ‘Argo’ and the Tom Rothman produced ‘The Town’. Affleck was coming off of a Best Picture win in ‘Argo’ and the clout he’d bring with him made him the top choice for the role of ‘Batman’. But why did Bale have to bounce?

Well, Nolan made his ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy with the mind to keep it as a stand alone entity. This is something that goes in the face of what DC wanted to do with their extended universe.

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