Cowboy Ninja Viking to Arrive in Theaters

You would think a comic book with a title like Cowboy Ninja Viking would be a team-up title. Putting those three distinct characters together is odd enough to work. Actually, the threesome is even odder because each act is really a solo one.

Cowboy Ninja Viking is a series about a CIA agent with multiple personalities. Now its going to be a movie starring Chris Pratt.

The satire here is obvious. Instead of donning a special costume and becoming a superhero, the hero just ends up “jumping” into a different personality. Bruce Levenson agrees that a trio of heroes with multiple personality disorder is questionable and will be hard to pull off. Regardless, Image Comics and Universal as they are moving forward with the project.

Then again, it really is not a trio of heroes. You have the cowboy, the Viking, the ninja, and the average guy Duncan who becomes them.

Of course, someone who fits this description makes for the perfect Black Ops agent for a nefarious spy agency.

Okay, that seems like a really tough task. Looks like you will have to watch the movie to find out how things turn out in the end.

One thought on “Cowboy Ninja Viking to Arrive in Theaters”

  1. Things are not easy for Duncan in the film. All three other agents turn to the dark side and go rogue. Since he is closest to them, its his job to hunt them down. It will also definitley go down as what has prepared to for a very long time.

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