Dan Bethelmy-Rada is Fostering Eco-friendly Production Practices at L’Oreal International

For more than two years, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has served as the Global Brand President of Matrix Biolage US, a professional hair care line. His mission has been to create R.A.W, the brand’s all-natural products. A few months into the launch of the products, Rada is now talking about the history of the project including some of the challenges he faced during production.

R.A.W. originated from the realization that consumers needed more natural products. As Dan Bethelmy-Rada reiterates, today’s consumers aren’t only satisfied with the products that have been merely inspired by nature. Most individuals want to purchase a product that has been made by 100% of natural raw materials with zero to minimum impact on their environment. R.A.W. was created for this reason. Matrix analyzed the market and realized that it was essential to provide a holistic approach to the creation of beauty products. The management wanted to offer its consumers with a broad spectrum of products coupled with outstanding environmental credentials.

The formulas applied highly rely on a reliable list of natural and active ingredients that have no silicone or sulfates. All of R.A.W.’s products including Bolivian quinoa and Bulgarian coriander are highly biodegradable. They are harvested from sustainable and fair supply sources. Besides, the production team at R.A.W. is devoted to making sure that the formulas are created with a consideration on the environmental principles. The staff looks at the formula’s life cycle from the outset to the end in order to minimize resources utilized in production. As such, Matrix gets its ingredients from minerals as well as plants, honey, and seaweeds. The packaging is designed with the environment in mind. Shampoo and conditioner containers are manufactured from used plastic.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a skilled business professional with experience in marketing. He is also knowledgeable in the application of social media as a marketing tool. He uses this trend to hit his daily sales targets. In the beauty industry, Dan Bethelmy-Rada loves experimentation in various hair techniques. Being a revered entrepreneur too, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is confident that the new products at L’Oreal will set a competitive marketing trend in the industry.

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