Development of Boris Ivanov

Career of Boris Ivanov

Born in Moscow, Boris Ivanov is a successful oil industry mogul. He began his career in 1983 within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. Through his time here, he concentrated deeply on diplomacy and improving US-Soviet relations. Shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ivanov realigned his sites to the private sector. He left the Ministry to pursue private consultant work for an oil business in Russia. This career change was short-lived as he soon assumed the position of Vice President of Unibest Bank.

He would remain Vice President from 1995 to 2000. In those 5 years, Ivanov primarily oversaw the financing of oil and gas projects. Following this position, Boris took on the challenge of First-Deputy Director General for Strategy for the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG. Upon completing the challenge of stabilizing the corporation financially, Boris Ivanov left to return to the petroleum industry. It was at this time in 2004 that he would become the Advisor to the Chairman of Gazprombank OJSC and aid in international expansion. Simultaneously he lead the charge for Gazprom Exploration and Production International B.V. to grow their operations for the Gazprom group. To date, Mr. Ivanov is GPB’s largest shareholder and Managing Director of GPB Global Resources B.V.

Throughout his career, Boris Ivanov claims that he is continuously developing his leadership style and undergone extensive personal growth. He strongly believes that it is crucial to not only lead his employees but to also listen to people. He is often quoted as saying a leader is only as strong as their support team. Another popular belief held by Ivanov is that GPB’s most valuable asset is its employees. So to nurture and encourage the growth of employees and their skills is a crucial component of their success.

Outside of work, Boris Ivanov contributes to numerous charitable causes. He also finds that although time with family is unfortunately rare it is a priceless commodity.

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