Dick DeVos and Better Schooling

The United States is the name of a huge nation that’s part of the sizable North American continent. That’s reason to treat it in a delicate manner as well. Since it has so many residents, people need to put a lot of time into it. There are so many people of all kinds living in the country. They reside in its bustling metropolises on both coasts. They reside in its markedly smaller towns and communities, too. Dick DeVos understands that reality. That’s the reality that makes him want to take things into his own hands. There are many issues that involve lifestyles in America in this day and age. There are many young individuals in the United States who feel helpless with regard to schooling paths. There are many families in the nation who have limited options. This isn’t something that makes DeVos feel good. It’s something that bothers his wife Betsy endlessly. They’ve never been people who have been okay tolerating things that are less than ideal. They’ve long been people who have fought for causes. They started fighting for causes long before they were even a married pair. Betsy DeVos was a fighter during her college years at Calvin College. Dick DeVos was a fighter all throughout his formative years, too. They’ve bonded over that.


DeVos isn’t a man who ever sits around twiddling his thumbs. He isn’t a man who ever sits around waiting for others to take initiative, either. He’s the kind of person who makes taking initiative an art form of sorts. He likes to take initiative in order to better all sorts of components. He cares about artistic endeavors. He cares just as much about political ones. He devised the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation when he was a lot younger. He did so with the help of his tireless and thoughtful wife.


Why does Dick DeVos back aviation? He backs it because he believes that air travel is something that can do so much for basic human existence. Human beings everywhere rely on airplanes daily. They go on planes any time they want to go on faraway trips. They go on planes any time they need to handle business trips in faraway locations as well. He adores aviation and all of the promise it holds. The West Michigan Aviation Academy epitomizes the passion he has for air travel. It’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the moment. It doesn’t have a standard backdrop, though. It’s tucked away inside of the city’s busy airport. DeVos has been monitoring the charter school and its activities for many years now. He’s never going to stop monitoring it, either. He wants it to do better and better.


ViSit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

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