E-governe Will Be Deployed In More Areas Of Brazil

E-Governe is a piece of management software that is utilized by many Brazillian offices. The software is capable of handling multiple forms of government offices and educational facilities. The software is currently being deployed in schools, municipal buildings and more.

The Municipality of Teresina had recently adapted the technology for the entire city. They had been training their employees to adapt to the new system in order to make the transition permanent. The health, finance, and education are all rigged with the latest software. The city hall will continue to expand the software to other minor departments.

Mayor Sílvio Mendes is confident that the E-Governe system is ideal for the city. The software will be able to speed up identifying problems and monitoring all of the systems of the municipality. The system is especially useful due to the demands of an increasing population.

The institute of Curitiba de Informática is also benefiting from the new E-Governe software suite. The system helps greatly in managing the human resource department.

The municipality of Osasco, which is on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, had also successfully implemented the E-Governe software. They teamed up with ICI of Curitiba to implement the educational software within their schools. The city had also received various hardware upgrades to accommodate the new software.

The education department of Osasco will be deploying the software to over the needs of 138 schools. According to google.com.br, the software will also be set up in the Continuing Education Center and the Municipal Education Department.

Osasco hopes to retain the integrity and security of all information processed on the network. The software will also allow them to create reports on a real-time basis. The system administrator will also be able to administer security clearances to certain people and modify permissions at a whim. Reports and remote administration may also be accessed through the internet.

Osasco is considered to be one of the most developed cities in the country. Updating their software is of great importance so that they live up to their reputation. The city’s population had also boomed in recent years so advanced administrative software is needed to micromanage such a large population.

The city is an outstanding symbol of social progress and a strong entrepreneurial population at http://assespro.org.br/biblioteca/inscritos-premiacoes-encerradas/2011-solucoes-integradas-para-o-governo-minauro-informatica/. The development of the city’s government had paved the way for many industries to open up. Many of the unions, government organizations and federations are located in the city. Distribution centers for McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and other large companies rely on the efficiency of the city. The largest e-commerce store Submarino is also located there.

The promoter of E-Governe is the Instituto Curitiba de Informática. The institute was founded in 1998 and is a social organization of the municipality of Curitiba. They handle many small government technology systems including the Quality Card system and Vale Transport. They have also worked with other municipalities in Brazil to implement software like E-Governe. They work with software regarding finance, administration, education, transportation, taxes and other social services. They are also dedicated to creating the experimental “smart mini-city” in Curitiba.

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