Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, And Investor Jason Hope

Every year the rejuvenation biotechnology conference is hosted by the SENS Research Foundation. Attendees of the conference are reminded by chief science officer and founder Aubrey de Grey, the importance of contributions and conference goal to help in the development of drugs that can correct in fight the effects of aging. The event is attended by experts who share their knowledge as well as learn from other speakers who have ideas that are targeted towards the treatment of molecular damage, Alzheimer’s disease, cellular damage, and cancer. Major priorities of the event are the development of preventive strategies as well as the building of the rejuvenation biotechnology industry. SENS is possible because of support from investors, researchers, and scientists. A major contributor and vocal opponent of the expansion of anti-aging research is entrepreneur Jason hope who has been a major factor for several years.

In 2010, $500,000 dollars was donated to the SENS Research Foundation by Jason Hope which along others donations, allowed the organization to build Cambridge SENS Laboratory as well as starting a new research program. Jason is happy to donate to the foundation because of their unique initiatives to fight aging and focus on cures for degenerative diseases like lung disease and Alzheimer’s which age and destroy bodies. These diseases cost billions of American dollars each year which is another crucial reason to find a solution.

Jason hope was born in Tempe, Arizona and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. He received is bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in finance. And later earned his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason received international recognition for business success shortly after business school making him a top mentor among top entrepreneurs as well as students. Jason is now involved in administering multiple projects and businesses. He also makes investment choices based on the research causes that he is passionate about and generously donates to anti-aging research as well as other causes. Another research interest that Jason Hope has is innovative thinking technology, smart technology, and automation. He enjoys blogging about his current ideas research and writing interests.

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