Extended Age of Ultron Trailer Released

The forthcoming new Avengers film, The Age of Ultron, is due in theaters in May of 2015. Just recently, a new trailer, and extended one, has been released. There is quite a bit more Ultron footage in this trailer and fans of films based on Marvel Comics characters are definitely waiting for this new release to hit the big screens.

James Spader might seem like a strange choice for such a powerful character, but his voice is really compelling. Honestly, you probably would never have thought it was Spader.

The trailer is definitely not short on any action.  But Hollywood producer Tom Rothman says all the classic Avengers are present in the preview and this is surely not going to be a boring film at all.

A new Captain America film is coming soon along with a possible third Hulk film and a definite third Thor project.

One thought on “Extended Age of Ultron Trailer Released”

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