Fantastic Four Trailer: Why So Serious?

The trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie has been released and, while it looks interesting, the feature appears to be way too serious for a traditional Marvel movie. The film focuses on the depressing results of a team of scientists meddling in things they should not. As a comic book, such an approach might be a workable one as it would be geared to an older audience. The dark nature present in the trailer, truth be told, doesn’t seem like anything all that fun. Rather, audiences are being treated to a downbeat science-fiction melodrama.

The film itself could be a good one and might achieve critical acclaim and cult status. Will the Fantastic Four moviebe a box office hit? Based on what was presented in the trailer, this would be a doubtful result. The film hardly looks like its all that fun. Audiences looking for a summer escape in the theater aren’t going to find it in this particular movie.

And by the way, where is the action? There was none to be seen in the trailer and, reportedly, Fox ordered reshoots because there was not enough action. Maybe it is not a bad idea to release a hero movie with a different feel since both Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron will be traditional hero outings. Then again, the traditional hero vehicle is what works. A dark Fantastic Four is probably not going to thrill those looking for summer movie fun, like Dave and Brit Morin.

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