Felipe Montoro’s Expertise in Public-Private Partnerships

Privatization is the best way to awaken Brazil economy as Felipe Montoro Jens puts it. Felipe Montoro is an expert with broad experience in the sector. Recently, Porto Alegre undertook the first step to this process towards public-private partnership. Felipe Montoro was included to offer his expertise.

The first step of the process was to have a seating on the public, private partnerships (PPS) and concessions between the mayor and the management council of the municipal program. The meeting discussed lighting, markets, sanitation and the construction of a public hospital. The meeting’s objective was to establish the area where the government would partner with private partners.

After the seating, the partnership management council was set up. The commission is responsible for ensuring that the tasks are carried out by the Decree 197336. The council supervises the projects by the (PPS) strategizing and executing the laid out plans. Upon approval of the project, the council defines the inclusion of any other business and makes public announcements regarding the projects. While the project is running, the council has the responsibility of looking over reports on the implementation of the concession, approve process they deem worthy and solve any dispute that may arise. Felipe role in providing counsel does not come at a fee due to the financial constrictions facing the country. With the implementation of these projects, the mayor of Porto Alegre believes that the citizens will be able to enjoy the new services. As per the constitution of Brazil, every person has a right to access public services.

Felipe Montoro Jens went to the Fundao Gentulio Vargas and later proceeded to Thunderbird College where he earned a degree in international management. Felipe Montoro is also an alumnus of Gavin School of international management. He has worked in various capacities while in Brazil including the chief financial officer, planner controller, and the treasurer of the commercial division of Brazil, United Kingdom, and Singapore.


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