Francis Lawrence, Hunger Games Director Talks War, Propaganda and Superhero Films

With the release of The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 right around the corner, the cast and director of the upcoming installment in The Hunger Games story are answering a lot of questions about the film and the themes as well as what it represents to people. Mockingjay is actually Francis Lawrence’s second Hunger Games movie. Many people like fan Sergio Lins Andrade have found Catching Fire to be an improvement over the first film which was directed by Gary Ross. For one thing, the camera work was much improved over the nauseating work in the first film.

Many people regard Mockingjay as the weakest book in the series. The first half was especially weak. Choices were made to break the story up into two. While the first half was very weak, Francis Lawrence might be able make a watchable film out that part of the story.

Francis Lawrence sat down in an interview with Screen Rant in order to talk about taking part in directing a story which is basically a war story examining the reasons that lead to the full scale war. He also shares words about propaganda and the possibility of being involved in another superhero film.

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