FreedomPop is Taking the UK by Storm

FreedomPop has set-up shop in the UK with plans to challenge TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile. budget mobile providers. The American mobile operator is offering Britons their free 4G service with a one time set-up fee of seven pounds. The plan includes 200 texts, 200 minutes and 200MBs of data. Subscribers willing to complete third-party marketing surveys can earn additional free allowances. The move to the UK serves as the first phase of the company’s venture capital-backed expansion plan. Of course, with approximately 250,000 Britons expressing an interest in the free service, FreedomPop had every reason to move forward with their plans.

The company has stated they may have to limit subscription for the first couple of months in an effort to manage growth, according to The Telegraph. That said, Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s founder and chief executive, plans to visit the UK in hopes of finalizing a deal with BT for access to their Wifi network. In addition, FreedomPop has plans to sell and give away capacity they will purchase from the Three network.

Like BT, FreedomPop is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or MVNO. In other words, the company does not own mobile masts or any other type of infrastructure. However, like their competitors, the company will simply target price-sensitive segments of the market. In fact, FreedomPop is looking to reduce their costs by redirecting as much traffic as possible to Wifi networks. That said. Mr. Stokols claims all FreedomPop needs to become “cash flow positive” is to draw in approximately 50,000 subscribers.

The good news is the options FreedomPop offers their subscribers may be all that is needed to attract more than enough customers. Currently, though, UK subscribers will have to sign up online. However, Mr. Stokols is speaking with a couple of street retailers. As for those customers who need larger plans without the higher costs, FreedomPop does offer larger packages. They range in price from 4.99 pounds to 16.99 pounds, and cover anyone who goes over their minutes for a reasonable price. With prices like these, there is no doubt FreedomPop will take the mobile world by storm.

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