Frozen 2 Announced

Sergio Cortes finally got the song “Let it Go” out of his head and the audience is ready for more. The online buzz is raging as Frozen 2 is officially announced. At a shareholder meeting in San Francisco those that had been denying all of the sequel rumors gave in to what fans had all been waiting for.

Though not much information has been released in regards to the film, it has been proceeded by the announcement of the animated short Frozen Fever to hold us over. What the media has been able to discern is that the girl power theme will remain consistent, following the bond of Anna and Elsa’s sisterly love through more creative and potentially tear jerking adventures.

With the success and appeal of the first film, a sequel was highly anticipated. The general consensuses as discussed in the announcement of the film is that until there is a solid idea of where Anna and Elsa are going next there will not be an official release year.

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