Glen Wakeman and His Take On Being Successful In Any Industry

There is no doubt that as he continues in his career, Glen Wakeman leaves his unique impression on the business world. He often explains in his videos ways to be successful in any industry. He explains the importance of keeping the lines of communication open with friends and acquaintances to ensure success in business. Glen also stresses the importance of helping the communities that your business houses its headquarters and other locations you may have offices in. Glen is a man you would want to watch his success and tune into his YouTube Channel so learn better ways to be successful in business.

Glen Wakeman is a man who received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton Pennsylvania in 1981. He then decided to continue his education by going to the University of Chicago where he received his Master of Business Administration degree in 1991. It was at these college campuses where Glen discovered his love for the business world (

Once he obtained his MBA, he embarked on his 20-year career of which he held positions in operations, technology, business development, general management, country management and regional management. During these 20 years working with General Electric he lived and worked in countries such as Europe, Asia and South America. With his decades of experience, it makes him the perfect candidate for one of the leading business mentors in world.

Glen Wakeman feels so passionately about assisting other business people successful that he decided to create a toolkit called Launch Pad. This is a toolkit that was specifically designed to help fellow business men and women to realize goals and reach their true potential. One of the many ways he works on this with his students, is by asking them to test their own abilities before requesting other to follow the same practices. Glen is a firm believer that it is extremely important for his students to make mistakes in the early stages of their business. This is because if they make these mistakes later in the business stages it could be financially devasting.


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