Gustavo Martinez: A Successful Consultant for The Marketing and Advertising Industry

Gustavo Martinez is considered to be one of the most well-known and respected names in the advertising and marketing industry. This respect comes from being 35 years in this industry.


Martinez has worked at some of the most respectable marketing firms in the world. He has worked Ogilvy and Mather, McCannWorld Group and J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. Before these companies, he worked as a creative talent at Price Waterhouse and Henkel. Recently, Martinez has become an advertising and marketing consultant. He enjoys being an entrepreneur and this new position allows to be more entrepreneurial. He can be more hands-on and creative as a consultant. He can be more personal and get really good results for each client.


He uses his previous experience and insight to teach others so they could be as successful as he was. He usually first teaches them that advertising and marketing are not like other industries. He feels that more creative and artistic than other industries. While being creative, it still must be as rigid and structured as other businesses. He has consulted at firms to help them recruit creative talents.


To Martinez, a creative talent must have the unique genius that is needed to be a good marketer. They must be able independently and must be able to come out with their ideas on their own. He feels that he has these things as a consultant and he thinks that a creative talent should eventually become a consultant. They can be more flexible and fulfill their creative needs.


As a consultant, he is trying to accelerate the growth of startups. He works UV Business Acceleration to improve the marketing abilities of startup and to try to make sure that they have a good outcome when they actually open their doors to the public. Martinez thinks that the current rate of startups failing is 90%. He is working to help figure gets better by using technology, functionality, and analytics. With his experience and wisdom, he should definitely be able to help startups.


Gustavo Martinex is happy and successful as a consultant and will probably be a consultant for a long time.


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