Gustavo Martinez Explains His New Approach To Advertising

Over the last 35 years Gustavo Martinez has been the man behind some of the most iconic ads ever created.


His creativity has literally reshaped the way we think about everything from marketing to consulting.


Who Is Gustavo Martinez?


Before we talk about how Gustavo Martinez is revolutionizing the advertising industry, let’s first take a moment to share a little background information.


Gustavo Martinez was one of the most well known advertising men in the late 20th century. Till this day he continues to share his knowledge and creative insight with those that currently work in the world of advertising.


When Martinez first entered the advertising industry he worked on gigs for Price Waterhouse and Henkel.


It didn’t take long for those above him to recognize his unbelievable talent for creating advertisements.


Because of his talent he quickly moved up the ranks and became the president of McCann World Group. He has also served as president at both Mather and Ogilvy over the course of his career.


His most prominent position, however, was when he served as CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, one of the most prestigious ad firms in the world.


Gustavo Martinez’s New Approach To Advertising


Gustavo Martinez has recently been interviewed about his new approach to advertising and how he has managed to revolutionize the advertising industry.


One thing he makes clear is that advertising is a deeply creative activity. The most effective ads are those that touch peoples hearts and convey a clear message.


You can’t take an assembly line approach to creating advertisements. Effective advertisements require two key ingredients, flexibility and creativity.


In order to create great advertisements you must be able to deal with instability. You must also have a maverick attitude if you are going to succeed in a high performance industry such as advertising.


According to Martinez, advertising is a form of applied artistry. While there is most definitely a clear goal in the world of marketing, there is no set formula that can help you achieve that goal.


Martinez has served in top positions at many of the best ad agencies in the world. He therefore has a deep understanding of how the advertising industry truly works.


In his opinion, raw creativity is the biggest driving force in all forms of marketing and advertising. When people are free to be creative, that is when they are able to produce great results.


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