Harry Harrison: A Life Dedicated to Finance

For Harry Harrison, a longtime career in finance and economics was a decision made early in life. Even prior to attending college his interest in the workings of corporations was piqued, and he quickly found those interests directing him to a graduate degree in finance at Cambridge University. It the time that has followed, Harrison has risen to great heights in the international world of finance.

In nearly 30 years in finance, Harrison has been part of the transition from more traditional ways of market trading to the advanced methods of the modern era. While with Barclays he was relocated from London to New York City in a move designed to make Barclays a bigger player in the US markets. Recognizing that attempting to utilize the same market strategies as well-established, long-time US companies were not likely to help Barclays fare well, Harrison helped the company put their successful methods of electronic trading in Europe into play in the US. The result was skyrocketing recognition and success for Barclays, as no US companies had been brave enough to be the one to take the leap. This was good not only for Barclays but also for Harry Harrison.

Harrison continued to rise through the ranks at Barclays, ultimately landing as the Head of Non-Core for the company. In that capacity, he was responsible for winding down more than $110 billion in businesses that Barclays was no longer interested in holding. Shortly afterward he retired and has been enjoying the fruits of his labors. Harrison has become a stay-at-home father to a 5-year old and an 8-year old, a role that he says brings him more variety than he has had before. That, along with spending a great deal of time with his entrepreneur wife, Amy, has made his lifelong pursuits worthwhile.

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