Heading Back Into the Danger Zone


It’s been almost 30 years since ‘Top Gun’ hit the silver screen and introduced audiences to some of the most memorable movie characters of all time. Although details are few and far between and most of the plot is still shrouded in mystery, it does look like a sequel is preparing for a fly by.

What do we know about the sequel is that it will be set in modern day and featuring the latest technology. This probably puts Maverick, who of course is returning, in sort of a nebulous position. What will the ace fighter’s role be in present day warfare? How will he stay relevant amid drone technology? We aren’t sure how, but there wouldn’t be a ‘Top Gun 2’ if he couldn’t.

According to LinkedIn, Tom Cruise is upwards of 50 these days, but that doesn’t seem to matter. In a time where former action stars are trying to reclaim old glories, such as the ‘Expendables’ movies or the newest installment of ‘Terminator’, action movies have hit a plateau. If anyone can revive the genre and take it to new heights, it’s Tom Cruise. It’s not only the fact that he can still play action heroes, but it’s easy to believe it. Be on the lookout for more details, and expect a wild ride when the movie hits theatres.

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