Highland Capital Management: A Name You Can Trust

Highland Capital Management or HCM is a firm that deals in optional investment management that manage distressed investment, hedge funds, and structured investment funds. There is a huge number of diverse investment focuses scrutinized by HCM such as in fixed income, global public equity and hedging markets with a spotlight on structured products, leveraged loans, and high yield bonds.


Highland Capital Management founded in 1993 and based in Dallas, Texas. It operates offices in Singapore, New York City, Sao Paulo, London, and Seoul. HCM reported around US$18.7 billion worth of assets in 2014 under the management.


The company and the offices that associated with it have reported almost US$20 billion in different assets under management. It also has maintained high values when dealing with financial investments, mainly a substitute investments HCM specializes in, for above twenty years. Headquartered in Dallas, HCM started operations in 1993. HCM co-founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada, the firm the most experienced and largest universal substitute investment management company.


These include high yield bonds, CLOs or collateralized loan obligations and much more. Highland also serves a diverse and huge clientele from across the globe. While numerous are top richest individuals, this company also serves endowments and foundations, financial institutions, plans for public pension and numerous mutual and governments fund investors.


An investment strategy that used by HCM has been developed gradually and developed throughout its journey of 2 decades and continue, HCM is becoming the more reliable choice for the end user. HCM learned about its alternative process for investment to build up more alpha with passing the time. It also uses thorough, descriptive research across the portfolio of a company, blended with an eagle eye view aimed at finding a different type of investments with a highest possible return in numerous market sectors and asset classes.


Mark Okada, CIO for Highland along with one of his manager who deals in the portfolio, sets risk targets of the portfolio as well as top-down risk positions. HCM works on strong contact between portfolio managers, analysts, executives, and researchers. It is paying attention to its financial methods and its ability to decide when assets have incorrectly priced.


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