Hollywood Answers the Call for Diversity in LEGO Form

The “movie franchise” concept has taken over Hollywood, who are always desperate for anything that can somewhat guarantee a profit. The “LEGO Movie” is now being made into a franchise. Expect a Ninja LEGO movie, a “LEGO Batman” movie, and of course we will see the “Lego Movie 2”.

Word has come out that the makers of “LEGO Movie 2” are gunning to make sure the movie has more female characters. In the past year, studios have felt more pressure from social media to make movies starring people other than white dudes.

There is no question that films up until now have been made by men, starring men and feature a male perspective. Past films that have starred women like “Tomb Raider” still feel like they’re made to please men.

Many people claim to hate “Twilight”, but those movies are certainly an example of a successful franchise starring a female. “The Hunger Games” is a current series starring a female that has been universally acclaimed.

It is interesting to see almost nobody demanding more movies starring Spanish actors, considering that a large portion of the population of America is of Spanish descent. There is also no outcry about making more films starring Asians. 

I guess it’s one step at a time.

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