How OSI Group has Redefined Corporate Growth in the last Century

Growth in the food industry is one of the most discussed items by economists. OSI Group is a perfect illustration that growth in this sector is possible and more importantly, holistic growth is not farfetched. In more than 110 years, the company has been on a journey to redefined growth in the following ways.

First, the company understands the importance of infrastructural growth. This infrastructure growth and development of facilities is one of the most critical aspects of corporate growth. In the company’s journey to become one of the biggest companies in this niche, different leadership teams in OSI Group have used different ways to acquire facilities. In the recent 20 years, however, the company has started a journey of acquisition in different parts of the world. According to management, acquiring companies is cheaper compared to building new structures. Some of the markets the OSI has facilities bought through corporate acquisitions is the Dutch market. The management of OSI is also making some progressive steps in other markets in Europe and Asia.

Second, the company has also exhibited growth in employment procedures. According to pundits, the quality of employees can make the company an innovation hub or they can make a company financially stagnant. In OSI Group, the company understands its obligation in the employment procedures. One of the ways the company attracts talents in the food industry is by creating one of the best working environments. The company is also one of the most progressive hiring procedures, where all the potential candidates are judged on their potential and their experience.

Thirdly, it is a growth-oriented company due to their approach to sustainability and diversification. The food market has changed, and the management of this company believes that the company has an obligation of changing with the market trends. Sustainability is one of the factors that have redefined this important market. OSI Group has invested a portion of their incomes in making sure that the global agenda of sustainability is a reality. Apart from contributing to different projects on sustainability, OSI Group has also redefined its production process to match the global standards on sustainability.

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