We all know Google and a couple of other search engines. The search engines are known to use text-based search boxes to interact with users. It’s what everyone is used since the internet developed in the last twenty years. Imagine a search technology that uses images to search what the users are looking. The Pinterest and shoes .com are already developing such a system. The image recognition and visual search on technologyreview tools will drastically improve search efficiency by allowing users to search for images by drawing in the search box.

The Pinterest system is designed with buy buttons along with the pictures. Everything on the internet has changed since it was developed. The search methods remain unchanged. The new technology will significantly improve this area. Pinterest launched the system last summer for its apps and mobile users. The new system is expected to hit the browsers soon. For instance drawing a coffee maker from the kitchen brings other similar items from the kitchen.

The technique is referred to as deep learning. It uses software that has image recognition potential. The new system will power Google images and photo organization service launched this summer. The system allows the user to draw something in a picture box and matches the drawing with the corresponding images. The technology has also been developed before by other company’s s on image recognition software. They include Amazon and Google. Amazon launched the image recognition app in its Smartphone while Google purchased the The site compares items on various websites that look similar. The Pinterest management is optimistic the new such method is an idea whose time has come. The method is accurate given it comes from deep learning technology. The company’s head of visual research notes significant improvement since the plan was effected.

Slyce is a visual search developing company headquartered in Toronto. The company is positioning itself globally as the primary provider of solutions for visual search. The slyce company provides its technology to retailers, brands, apps, digital publishers with technology to equip their apps with instant recognition of their products.

The company is also flexible in providing its services to commerce business. It offers it technology in exchange for percentage sales splits, licensing and search per fees and integration. The company is currently working with over 1000 brands and several innovative developers.

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