Is Batman’s Origin Being Tweaked in Batman vs. Superman?

Changing the origin of an iconic superhero character is not something you see done very often. In the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, the origin of Batman is being tweaked.

No, no one is going to change the origin of Batman, but it looks like there is going to be some attempt to tie-in the death of the Caped Crusader’s parent’s death with the passing of Superman’s parents. Fans such as Andrew Heiberger might be slightly hesitant, but they will mostly wait and see how it plays out.

So, you could say there may be a tweak to the origin, of sorts.

Major changes to a hero’s origin are not exactly without precedent.

Now, the origin of the Hulk was changed in his films, but the days of nuclear testing in the desert are long over so we understand why changes were made when modernizing the Green Goliath’s origin. Why change Batman’s though?

Tweaks happen to. In the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man film, Uncle Ben was killed by a carjacker and not someone robbing the theater Spider-Man was performing at.

Slight changes do have to be made sometimes because doing the same thing movie after movie runs the risk of making a new film seem like a retread. Why watch the same thing again?


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  1. Minor changes do make things a little different and interesting. Certainly, the new Batman/Superman film interesting. This site: has called these things into check to see if it’s right or wrong.

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