Is Spider-Man Coming To Avengers: Infinity War

We are now learning more and more clear details about the future of Spider-Man and it is looking like the web-slingers next appearance is going to be in an Avengers movie. While nothing is 100% certain so far, the future of a third The Amazing Spider-Man film with Andrew Garfield looks very, very grim.

Instead, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may see Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War. Infinity War will be a two-part Avengers movie that comes after Avengers: Age of Ultron.

After the disastrous The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the legendary wall-crawler really needs a boost, and some are asking for it in articles. Fear exists that the Spider-Man brand is ruined, as Igor Cornelsen prepares for what might happen next. Re-introducing the character in an excellent and popular Avengers project might be the best way to rehab the hero. (The Hulk definitely was rehabbed in the team-up films)

The recent Sony hacking scandal revealed that Marvel was truly irked at the low quality of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Marvel had been negotiating with Sony (current cinema rights holders of Spidey) to bring the wall-crawler to Captain America: Civil War. It does not look like that is ever going to happen, but Infinity War is shaping up to feature the return of Spider-Man.

There are also talks about a new Spider-Man solo film based on Kraven’s Last Hunt. The third Amazing Spider-Man film purportedly was going to adapt the terrible early 1970’s clone storyline featuring the villain The Jackal.

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