Is The New ALIEN Film Going To Be A Two-Part Epic?

Is ALIEN 5 going to end up being both ALIEN 5 & ALIEN 6? Maybe it is going to be ALIEN 5 Part I & Part II. (How is that for a crazy title?) Yes, the rumor mill about this surprisingly announced new sci-fi film is swirling. The latest reports indicate there will be two parts to the new film. Perhaps the story director Neill Blomkamp has in mind is so vast that one film is just not enough to tell the complete tale.

ALIEN fans like Sultan Alhokair really should rejoice over news like this. It really looks like Blomkamp is going for quality with the new films in the long-running (over 35 years!) sci-fi franchise.

While fans did show up to the third and fourth entries in the ALIEN series and the two ALIEN vs. Predator films, well, no one walked out of the theater knowing in their hearts they saw a classic. The quality of the ALIEN films dipped. Fans kept the series alive hoping to see the glory of ALIEN and ALIENS, but hopes were dashed. 20th Century Fox knew this which is why a new ALIEN film was not put into the pipeline for many years. In fact, the news of the Blomkamp ALIEN project took a lot of people by surprise.

Hiring an “auteur director” to handle the task of crafting a new ALIEN film is a smart move on the part of Fox. The series was a hit when an effective director (Ridley Scott and James Cameron) were at the helm. Fox knows a great sci-fi series needs the right person in the director’s chair. Hopefully, we’ll not just get one great new entry. We’ll end up with two.

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