Isabel dos Santos Talks about Empowering Women of Africa to Take up Executive Roles in the Business World.

Isabel dos Santos, a business professional from Angola, was born in 1973. In Africa, she is wealthiest. Isabel is the daughter of Jose Eduardo Santos, the former president of Angola. He ruled the state between 1979 and 2017. Isabel has been garnering important lessons from his father. In November 2015, she was named as one of the most influential women of the world by BBC. Isabel grew up in Baku, SSR. She proceeded to Kent School in Cobham Hall. Later on, she went to King’s College. She then met her husband, who attended the same school.

In the last twenty years, Isabel dos Santos has held her managerial roles in several companies that have been listed on multiple stock exchanges. In the early 1990s, she relocated to London to work with her father on various projects. She served as the project manager of Urbana 2000, an affiliate of Jembas Group at a time when the company had just landed a cleaning contract to disinfect the city. Isabel dos Santos established a trucking business. The growing use of walkie-talkie technology also paved the way for the new telecom business she started. Around 1997, Isabel dos Santos started a new business. She opened the Miami Beach Club.

That was the first night club in that city. Isabel has since expanded her business interests, thereby leading to the development of several holdings not only in Angola but foreign capitals. She has made a name for herself as a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in business management. Apart from that, she mentors young African entrepreneurs. Isabel holds meetings to discuss their future while providing them with insight regarding how to run a business. In order to educate these young women on how to join executive businesses, Isabel dos Santos spearheads expert-led discussions with the help of her colleagues. She conducts group mentoring sessions in various universities as well as institutions and higher learning schools. During these sessions, Isabel talks about the impact of technology.



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