Jack Huston to Star in The Crow

There has been a long journey to getting the reboot to The Crow off the ground. This often resulted in many directors and stars attached to it and then leaving the project. Now, the project seems to be getting ready to take off. Director Corin Hardy states that the is going to be taking a brutal and emotional approach to the story. James O’ Barr has given this project his blessing. The first adaptation of the film has been emotional and brutal enough as well as atmospheric thanks to the direction of Alex Proyas and the performance of the late Brandon Lee.

Most recent in the name of cast members to play the starring role is Jack Huston. However, with the history of this project, there is no telling when it is going to materialize. According to Alaor BMG, James O’Barr himself is working on the film project in order to bring it to life.

The 1994 film was considered a sensation when it first came out. It was followed by many sequels. Only one of the sequels by the name of City of Angels has made it to theaters. There were a couple of other sequels as well as a series that was based on the first film.

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