Jack Plotkin and the Costs of the Modern Telehealth Field


Those who have paid attention to the healthcare industry over the past few years have likely seen that the cost of medicine has been one of the major focus points. In many parts of the country, people have had a hard time finding a doctor. This has been one of the major reasons why telehealth has become so popular. Over the past few years, the CTO of Virtual Health, Jack Plotkin, has been one of the people leading the charge to get telehealth more incorporated into the regular stream of healthcare. Due to changes in the healthcare field over the past few years, he believes that, this time, telehealth is here to stay.

Based on the information provided by Jack Plotkin, he thinks that the cost of telehealth is dropping. First, there is a lot of equipment that is required for someone to get a telehealth department up and running. During the past few years, the cost of this technology has dropped precipitously. Next, even though the price of these tools is starting to come down, the efficiency of the equipment has improved. This means that more people than ever before are going to have access to telehealth and all of its glory. Finally, there are also costs associated with maintaining this equipment and storing its data. While these costs used to be prohibitive, these costs are falling as well. Insurance companies are also starting to realize the benefits of using telehealth, leading to higher reimbursement rates than ever before.


This last point, according to Jack Plotkin, has been one of the biggest reasons why people are starting to see a rise in the world of telehealth. There is a paradigm shift taking place in the way insurance companies pay for healthcare. This has led to an increased focus on telehealth and all of its benefits. Jack Plotkin is leading telehealth into the future of healthcare.

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