Jai Courtney to Take on Deadshot?

In the vast world of re-boots superhero movies it is DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ that seems the most hell bent on shaking things up for fans everywhere. Just last week we received the amazing news that Jared Leto had been tagged to take on the role of the Joker while Margot Robbie was attached to Harley Quinn. With those two big names out of the way it was only reasonable to start seeing some of the other villains get chosen. Now it looks like master martial artist and professional tough dude Jai Courtney is being considered for Deadshot.

Deadshot is a huge fan favorite in the world of comic books due to his awesome body suit, cybernetic eye, and insane trigger finger. He acts, basically, like a Hawkeye on steroids. Deadshot has appeared in the WB’s TV show ‘Arrow’ but it looks like they are planning to reboot the character and really change him up. The decision to bring on Courtney (Divergent, Terminator: Genysis) makes so much sense. With his star rising from the aforementioned films and his screen presence unquestioned, he could be a great fill in for the role. However, big names in Hollywood like Tom Rothman are being quiet about the casting.

The ‘Dirty Dozen’ style cast of DC’s top super villains, played by bonafide A-Listers, will make this THE event of whatever summer it reaches theaters.

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