Jake Gyllenhaal Transforms Body for ‘Southpaw’

Perhaps we, as cinema films, truly overrate the dedication that actors have for their craft. Sure we hear the stories about these celebrities locking themselves away for months at a time to get into character but we never really see their pain. When an actor transforms their body, however, the results are illustrated in front of us. Jake Gyllenhaal needs no help in steering his career in the right direction as he is one of the hottest actors in showbiz today and his body transformation for the film ‘Southpaw’ might stand as his crowning achievement. His slew of films highlights his incredible range and dedication to the parts that he plays, supplanting him as one of today’s top actors. If Slow Ventures could, I’m sure they would be all aboard the Gyllenhaal bandwagon.

Right now Gyllenhaal is buzzing due to his neurotic and ‘American Pyscho’ like turn in the gritty film, ‘Nightcrawler’. In that film Jake plays a crime scene photographer for a local news station that goes through increasingly risky hoops to ‘get the shot’. For the film Gyllenhaal lost over 25 pounds in order to give off the sort of slim and sociopathic look that he felt his character deserved. Less than six months later Gyllenhaal bulked up to an unrecognizable size, adding 15lbs of pure muscle, to play Billy Hope in ‘Southpaw’.

‘Southpaw’ will follow a junior middleweight fighter who has to kick and claw his way backt o the promised land after enduring intense personal tragedy. The film was originally supposed to star rapper Eminem but the entertainer reportedly could not get the right body required for the role. Forest Whitaker and Rachel McAdams round out a cast that will be sure to get Oscar buzz during award season.

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