James Dondero, Heights Conquered, Reputation Assured

Few financial firms have survived as long and as successfully as Highland Capital Management on nexbank.com. It has thrived in an environment anathema to survival thru its purposeful focus on the advantages discovered in an alternative investment world. Highland Capital Management has become a watchword for stability at a time of extreme turbulence in the financial markets.

Founded in the stable market era of 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland Capital Management has demonstrated the ability to succeed and grow in times of plenty and to adapt and change in times of absolute famine. Whether, in a bear market of a bull market, Highland Capital Management has been an example of how to not only survive in times of financial strife but to flourish.

With its growing pain period successfully navigated and its reputation firmly established, Highland Capital Finance showed remarkable adaptability in 1996 by bravely pioneering the collateralized loan obligation market (CLO). As Highland Capital Management originally suggested, the CLO successfully increased the ranks of business lenders resulting in a lower cost for businesses. This move also allowed banks to move quickly to sell those loans to outside investors, thus freeing up the loan funds once again for another wave of business loans. This stratagem worked so successfully that it became a staple for all financial institutions and became, in large measure, the source of most business loans throughout the business community.

During the financial crisis generated in 2008, CLO loans were virtually nonexistent. Highland Capital was one of the first to realize the coming frozen market which allowed it to bunker its investors accounts and minimize risk. By 2012, Highland Capital Management was one of the first again to offer CLOs to business, thus freeing the market from an insulant state back into active participation. Today, Highland Capital Management enjoys assets worth over $21 billion.

Realizing the incredible future opportunities available to its clients, Highland Capital has adopted a long-only credit strategy, a new concept that has helped to solidify an alternative investment climate that had a tendency toward turmoil. Pioneering and utilizing such revolutionary strategies, Highland Capital Management has been a major contributor to the stabilization and revitalization of the American marketplace. With its future assured, Highland Capital Management used the turmoil of the financial crisis to quietly move into many diverse sectors of finance. As others stood still, Highland Capital Management ventured into the financing of almost everything from health care to the oil and gas industry, from distressed and special situation loans to emerging market investments, and from real estate to construction.

Co-founder and President James Dondero has shown remarkable dexterity within the highly energized world of high finance. Through the best of times and the worst of times, his vision has not only held Highland Capital Management together, but it has also enabled this company to thrive while others have foundered. The receiver of numerous accolades, James Dondero has become one of the titans of the financial market. Innovation and the ability to maneuver while others hesitate has led James Dondero to the heights of his career.

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