James Dondero Uses Quarter Of A Century In Dallas To Enhance Philanthropy

The people of Dallas, Texas have a large amount to be thankful for as the investment specialist and philanthropist, James Dondero has secured the future of many non-profit organizations across the city and the wider Texas region. The arrival of James Dondero and Mark Okada in Texas came in the early 1990s when the pair established Highland Capital Management in Dallas where the financial sector was growing steadily alongside the arts.

Dallas is usually seen as a vibrant and exciting city where the oil sector has brought a large number of investment and financial companies to the fore. In Dallas, Texas the influx of professionals in the financial and oil sectors has seen the arts and not-for-profit sectors grow at a fast rate with the need for donors never been greater. James Dondero has stepped into the void for financial donors to charitable groups and made a huge difference to the future of this bright and cheerful city.

When James Dondero was looking to start his philanthropic career there is little doubt he dreamed of the success of Highland Capital Management that now has over $17 billion in assets under management. As he built on the future of the Highland Capital Management brand, Dondero became more concerned with some of the social issues that were building throughout Texas and looked to back charities with financial support in different areas.

The issue of domestic abuse has been one that has concerned millions of people and is a problem in Texas where the Family Place has been working to build a safe haven for victims of abuse. James Dondero has become one of the most important supporters of the group as it builds for the future. In terms of the success that has been achieved by the charitable group, their work has been expanded by the funding provided by James Dondero and Highland Capital Management.

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