James River Capital Pushing Clients Forward

Running a business requires two key fundamental keys to achieving success. The first is simply making a good idea that resonates with an audience. A business could never hope to succeed if nobody buys the product. Secondly, and more importantly, is cold hard cash. Money is the single resource that makes the world go around. James River Captial is an investment and asset management firm based out of Virginia. The owner and CEO has been running the business for decades. A recent Premier Gazette article describes how his the CEO imparts some of his experience to clients.


As a businessman himself with James River Captial, Paul Sanders has a personal investment in seeing his clients succeed. He knows far too well the power of every single dollar. When it comes to first funding a business, he always suggests just using your own money. Investors feel better about getting involved if the individual in charge demonstrates the upmost confidence in their idea. However, he knows that isn not possible for everyone. The next best method is taking out a loan. While the long term complications can be risky for one’s personal fiances and business stability, the risk is often worth it for getting off the ground.

While both of these options are valid, Paul Sanders sees potential in using money form other people. Crowdsourcing is becoming a popular option as the internet allows for ideas to spread at a faster than one can keep up with. This method allows for like-minded people to partially invest in seeing a product become a reality. Similarly, there are organizations that give high prospect businesses a lot of money upfront. They expect to receive high returns when the idea becomes a success. In either case, it requires a high degree of confidence and mental planning to succeed on these methods.

There are countless ways for a business to be successful in the current climate. James River Captial is a business on the side of clients to give them peace of mind. They secure and provide all the resources they can the well-being of their clients.

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