Jean Claude Van Damme On Board For Kickboxer Remake

The once great action star, has been cast to appear in the remake of the 1989 classic, Kickboxer. Jean Claude Van Damme will be playing the role of mentor this time around.

The starring role has been given to Alain Moussi. Moussi, a talented actor and stuntman is no stranger to the big screen, having worked on films such as Pacific Rim, and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Originally, Tony Jaa was cast for the role of the mentor, but Mr. Jaa unexpectedly fell out. Problems with the schedule of the film have been reported by, making the role available to the original star of the classic film, Mr Jean Claude Van Damme.

Mr. Van Damme has been on a great comeback as of late and fans like Daniel Amen are taking notice. He has recently starred in a number of positively reviewed films. The one film that stands out to me in his recent years as an actor, is 6 Bullets. A great accomplishment for Mr. Van Damme. 6 bullets is truly one of his best films ever.

Whether the critics say it or not, Mr. Van Damme I’m cheering for you. I think most people are. Another thing about Jean Claude Van Damme is that he is loyal to his fans. Mr. Van Damme did not have to appear in the Kickboxer remake. I think Jean Claude Van Damme co-starring in the remake adds legitimacy, and a reason to watch the classic movie all over again.

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