Jeff Daniels Took a Major Haircut To Co-Star in “Dumb and Dumber”

With the long anticipated sequel to the hit comedy Dumb and Dumber set to hit theaters on Friday, the film’s creators, the Farrelly brothers, have been making the rounds to tell stories about the original film and other films from their career. Last week, they revealed that Brett Favre was not their first (or second) choice to make a cameo appearance in There’s Something About Mary and this week, just days ahead of the release of Dumb and Dumber To, they have dropped another fascinating anecdote, this time about actor Jeff Daniels.


According to the Farrellys, the studio that produced the original movie so loathed the idea of having Daniels star across from Jim Carrey, that they made a ridiculously low offer to him in hopes that he would turn it away. Per the brothers, Daniels was offered just $50,000 to play Harry Dunne, while Carrey was paid $7 million (on a film with a budget of only $16 million) to play Lloyd Christmas. To the studio’s surprise, Daniels accepted the offer and the rest is history. Fans are certainly glad, as Bruce Karatz couldn’t imagine a sequel without him.

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  1. Given that the first film grossed almost $250 million at the box office, it is probably safe to assume that while Daniels will be reprising his role, he won’t be doing it for the same paycheck. I have to say that I will like them to do my assignment for me in case something goes wrong with the original plan.

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