Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson Talk Hunger Games and Fame

With Lauren Powell Jobs and many other anxious fans waiting for the next installment of the Hunger Games entitled Mockingjay Pt 1 tomorrow, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson talk about the movie and the success it has brought. They also discuss the disadvantages of being famous. During the interview, one of the things discussed was the idea of fame and losing ones anonymity. Other topics that were talked about were compromise and sacrifices. Jennifer Lawrence has seen these sacrifices as worth it and views her life as a blessed life. She understands that every job has downsides. 

Hutcherson was more taken off guard by the change that the series would bring for his life. He didn’t anticipate that The Hunger Games would turn out to be as big as it did.  One of the things that he has noted was that once you become famous, people know things about your life that are true and that are not true.

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