Jeremy Goldstein Recently Hosted An Important Charitable Event That Helped People Who Suffer With Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein is a leading attorney from New York who cares about the people in his community. He has been serving with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates for years and founded the law firm when he realized there was a gap in the industry. He now works with compensation committees, CEOS, and management teams by guiding them through sensitive situations.


Jeremy Goldstein has always looked for new ways to give back to the world. He knows how hard the world can be on people, and he made a decision some years back to team up with Fountain House to help people who suffer from mental illness. Fountain House has been in existence since the 1940s, and it works with people in New York City who need all of the help they can get.


One of the ways that Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House helps people is by working with them to build their confidence. When people with mental illness are employed, they feel better about themselves and can become a part of society. Without a job, they are dependent upon other people, and this can make them feel hopeless and like they are just a burden. By helping mentally ill individuals to acquire new skills, they can feel confident enough to enter into the workplace.


Jeremy Goldstein recently helped to put together and host a wine dinner in New York City that helped to support Fountain House. The dinner raised thousands of dollars for the charitable organization. It took place on the Roof-deck at the Nomad Hotel, and attendees were treated with a delicious meal and plenty of quality wine. Goldstein continues to work as a lawyer as well as with Fountain House as a member of its board and is hoping to continue to make a real difference in his community.


Jeremy Goldstein attended Cornell University and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the college. He also studied at the University of Chicago and earned his Master of Arts degree there. Goldstein later received his J.D. after attending New York University School of Law. After finishing up his college degrees, he made the decision to go to work with a respectable New York law firm. After working with the firm for some time, he struck out on his own by creating Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.


Jeremy Goldstein now serves the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section as a member. Before today, he has been a part of some of the most well-known corporate transactions that have taken place over the last decade. Some of the deals he has been involved with include the merging of FleetBoston Financial Corp. with Bank of America Corporation, the purchase of Goodrich by United Technologies, and the acquisition of Unocal Corporation by Bank of America Corporation.


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