Jeremy Goldstein The Attorney And Businessman

There are many different attorneys in New York City who have an emphasis on business law but Mr. Jeremy Goldstein stands out as one of the best. He is also the founder of his own law firm which is called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. His Law Offices have a very diverse practice but the general focus is business and employment law. The firm advises management teams, the chief executive officers, and compensation committees. The firm also helps to navigate issues that are in relation to executive compensation matters. Jeremy Goldstein has an impeccable educational history and attended three different universities. He graduated from Cornell University with his bachelor’s degree. Then he obtain a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Shortly after graduating from the University of Chicago he moved to New York to attend New York University and graduated with his JD degree.


Jeremy Goldstein holds a position on the board of Mergers and Acquisitions Sub-committee of the American Bar Association business section as a chairman. Some of the company mergers and acquisitions transactions that Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in are companies such as Miller Brewing Company, Verizon Wireless, and Phillips Petroleum Company. He has been advocating for businesses to protect their companies with non- compete agreements. When Mr. Goldstein started to focus on employment law he realized that there were many common recurring issues such as conflict of interest and contract enforcement issues happening. While conducting research on these issues this is when he found his niche and decided to establish his own law firm to focus specifically on this niche.


The Firm has been extremely successful and has been in business for over 10 years. A non-compete agreement is put into place to protect the rights and interests of professional clients. Another name for a non-compete agreement is a restrictive covenant. These agreements are needed because sometimes employers may inadvertently expose themselves to the risk of being sued because they did not draw up a customized agreement. Jeremy Goldstein and his firm comes in to do the proper litigation on these agreements so both the employer and the employee or treated fairly. This is a good thing because with any litigation you need a neutral party to handle these types of negotiations so a conflict of interest will not occur. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates are the most experience when it comes to getting non-compete agreements done properly, efficiently, and with ethics.


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