Jim Carrey Up for Another Comedy

Bruce Levenson says that rumors have been circling around the internet, that Jim Carrey will star in another comedy role. This comes as great news to many. The recent Dumb and Dumber sequel, was absolutely hilarious. No one would have ever thought, that the sequel could actually surpass the original. 

Jim Carrey is in a strange place in his career. He started out in comedy, and he found great success in that genre. After a few blockbuster comedy films, Jim Carrey decided to take more serious roles. He starred in several dramas, that were actually pretty good. Carrey, proved that he is a versatile actor, and more than just a comedian. 

After all of that success, in multiple genres, Jim Carrey has decided to dedicate himself to comedy once more. I’m sure Carrey’s fans won’t mind this news. It has been reported, by Screenrant that Jim Carrey will star in a film called, “Deep Cover”. Nothing more than the title of the film has been released. Many people think that Carrey could be revisiting his classic role as Ace Ventura. If that were the case, Jim Carrey would continue to see a rise in box office success. Hopefully, Jim Carrey continues the rest of his career with comedy in mind.

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