Jingdong Created Value from The Start

Companies such as JD.com focus on making money from the start and are able to do well. These companies are able to grow in a manner that allows them to make decisions and not be pressured to meet certain targets set forth by the outside capital investment partners. The focus on making money in a simple, ethical and sustainable way is what helped the founder of Jingdong or Jd.com to be valuable over the course of the next several decades. Jingdong started out as a kiosk and then became a global platform that provided individuals with what they needed and what they wanted as well.

The idea is to continue to move forward and make a difference in the lives of the most important segment present within the world, your customers. Jingdong was able to do that each day and they realized significant growth and value each day as they provided their customers with selection, cost-effective products, and valuable customer service.

Jd.com did not always have a sleek landing page, just like other websites it started out simple and provided value to customers in a way that they were used to. Jingdong made sure to meet expectations and then strive to exceed expectations each day. This was why the company grew and it is the behemoth that it is today. Relentless focus and drive on specific segments which have contributed toward the major success of many within the Jingdong ecosystem.

The idea is to have a product that matters to the userbase and then continue to refine and grow.

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