Josh Brolin Will Be Back As Thanos

Josh Brolin truly did a wonderful job as the villainous entity Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy. In the various Marvel Comics published over the years, Thanos has had a role in some major storylines. This definitely has led many to wonder whether or not Brolin will be back as Thanos in the near future. Well, the answer is yes. Thanos is going to be coming back at some point. However, Brolin is probably not going to essay the role any time sooner than 2016.

Currently, Brolin is on a publicity tour for the crime film, Inherent Vice.

Rushing Thanos back into a film too quickly is not a wise plan.

Thanos is not your run-of-the-mill villain. Thanos is an all-powerful entity that can change the destiny of worlds. That is why need a team like the Guardians of the Galaxy to bring him down. Then again, you cannot really defeat Thanos. You sort of just thwart him a bit. That might not sound like much, but it could very well result in the world being saved.

In all seriousness, writers and producers have to pick and choose how Thanos is used in a film to make people like Brad Reifler excited. Such a super-powered entity should never be over-used to the point his appearances are diminished. You want Thanos to really mean something when he shows up.

Of course, at some point he will show up once again.

Interestingly, the Marvel movies seem to be moving more towards sci-fi and outer space thrills. You wouldn’t think the mega box office of Guardians of the Galaxy had something to do with that?

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